Sumo Stomp! Aki Basho results and highlights: Takakeisho schools Atamifuji
Aki basho results: The Angry Hamster does it again!
Sumo's fall tournament is upon us. Check here regularly for all the results, highlights and analysis for the next 15 days of sumo action.
Sumo Stomp! Nagoya basho report card: What’s wrong with Hokuseiho?
Nagoya basho report card: What's wrong with Hokuseiho?
Continuing to breakdown the performances of rikishi at the most recent Grand Sumo tournament.
Sumo Stomp! Nagoya Basho results and higlights: Hoshoryu reigns supreme
Sumo Stomp! Nagoya Basho results and highlights
Grand Sumo is in Nagoya for its latest tournament. Follow along with our results, highlights and analysis.
The brutal realities of Sumo striking
The brutal realities of Sumo striking
Sumo wrestlers absolutely wail on each other. And a few have mastered the one strike KO, a 'death touch' if you will.
Sumo Report Card: Ura and Tobizaru brought the chaos
Sumo Stomp! May Tournament report card: Maegashira 8-1
All the sumo wrestlers who competed at the May tournament ranked, this time we are looking rikishi ranked maegashira 8 to 1.