Sumo Stomp! Nagoya basho report card: What’s wrong with Hokuseiho?
Nagoya basho report card: What's wrong with Hokuseiho?
Continuing to breakdown the performances of rikishi at the most recent Grand Sumo tournament.
Sumo Stomp! Nagoya Report Card: The Hakuoho era begins
Sumo Stomp! Nagoya Report Card: Maegashira 9-17
Nagoya basho was an incredible spectacle filled with thrilling performances. I'm grading everyone's sumo, starting with the rank-and-filers.
Sumo Stomp! Nagoya Basho results and higlights: Hoshoryu reigns supreme
Sumo Stomp! Nagoya Basho results and highlights
Grand Sumo is in Nagoya for its latest tournament. Follow along with our results, highlights and analysis.
Sumo Stomp! Controversial former sekiwake Ichinojo announces shock retirement
Sumo Stomp! Controversial sekiwake announces shock retirement
Ichinojo Takashi, one of sumo's 'bad boys' is out of the sport, but not without making his point.
Sumo Stomp! May 2023 rankings breakdown (now with GIFs!)
Sumo Stomp! May rankings breakdown
Everything you need to know about sumo's May rankings.