UFC fighter moves up, blows weight cut by a mile

Only one fighter missed weight for this week's UFC card, but it was a heck of a miss.

By: Zane Simon | 2 months
UFC fighter moves up, blows weight cut by a mile
UFC fighter Luana Santos celebrates her win over Juliana Miller.

It’s that time again. After weeks of preparation, the Friday before fight night becomes the first point where rubber truly meets road. Where fighters have to face their first major opponent. Not, as it happens, inside the cage, but instead on the scales.

It’s a point where many fights fall apart. This week, it’s the point where UFC women’s bantamweight competitor Luana Santos is lucky to still have a fight on her hands.

UFC’s Luana Santos blows bantamweight limit

Usually, when a fighter moves up in weight it’s a chance to make fight camp a little easier. The cut doesn’t need to be so dramatic, so neither does the diet. The thing is, the discipline still needs to be there, though. As fans have seen time and time again, weight cutting is a science, and those who don’t take it seriously tend to run into trouble.

For her Octagon debut, Luana Santos looked like a strong new addition to the flyweight roster, weighing in at 126 lbs on her way to a first round stoppage over former TUF winner Juliana Miller. That made it something of a surprise when the UFC announced that Santos was making the jump up 10 lbs to take on Stephanie Egger this weekend. Turns out she went up a little too far, weighing in at 139 pounds—3 pounds over the limit including the 1 pound allowance.

Fortunately for Santos, despite missing weight by a mile, Egger has opted to take the fight at a catchweight of 139 lbs. As a result, UFC officials have announced that Santos will be fined 20% of her show money.

Santos hoping to put her striking on display once again

Best known for her judo credentials, Santos made a splash in her first fight in the UFC not with her ground game, but instead with her striking. The 23-year-old looked to trade early and often with Juliana Miller, turning the fight quickly into a brawl.

In a recent interview with the UFC, Santos admitted that part of that performance was down to the famed ‘Octagon jitters’ for her debut. But, she’s also bound and determined to be known for more than just her grappling talents inside the cage.

“For the first fight, I was much more anxious,” Santos explained through a translator. “It was something I hadn’t lived through before. But now I feel that I’m much calmer. I’m chill. And in the second time around, I’m feeling home.”

“I’ve seen all of Stephanie [Eggers]’s fights…she is an experienced girl,” Santos continued. “I’ve seen that she has flaws as well, especially in the striking. That’s what I think I’m going to be doing. As experienced as she is, I think I can exploit that, perhaps, in the striking department.”

“I believe in my Judo, I believe in my Jiu Jitsu. As much as I’ve improved as far as the striking is concerned…I know that if the opportunity presents itself, I will take it down. I can end it…I will always be improving and trying to get better at striking, because I want to be a complete fighter. But, I will never forget my Judo and my Jiu Jitsu.”

UFC Vegas 83 takes place on Saturday, December 9th at the Apex facility in Las Vegas, NV. The main event is set to showcase top ranked bantamweight Song Yadong against Chris Gutierrez. Santos is the only fighter who failed to make weight for the card.

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