IBJJF Crown: Tainan Dalpra and Fellipe Andrew crowned after tournament wins – Full BJJ results, video highlights

Join us Sunday for a new professional gi event: The IBJJF Crown.

By: Anton Tabuena | 2 weeks ago
IBJJF Crown: Tainan Dalpra and Fellipe Andrew crowned after tournament wins – Full BJJ results, video highlights
IBJJF is launching a new professional gi event.

IBJJF is hosting six four-man tournaments to literally crown inaugural champions and launch their new professional gi event. While most pro grappling events are no-gi these days, IBJJF will be launching another gi event called the IBJJF Crown. Tournament winners will win $15,000, and instead of a medal, they will get the aforementioned gold crown.

Featured on the line up is one of the best athletes in the gi in Tainan Dalpra, who will be competing at middleweight. Several other decorated BJJ world champions fill the other brackets. Men’s featherweight with Diego Pato Oliveira moving up in weight, along with Women’s super-heavyweight with Gabi Pessanha, will both be incredibly stacked with every competitor being IBJJF world champions.

Join us starting 4 p.m. ET on Sunday, November 19 for excellent BJJ action.

IBJJF Crown brackets

Men’s Featherweight

IBJJF Crown Brackets
IBJJF Men’s Featherweight

Men’s Middleweight

IBJJF Crown Brackets
IBJJF Men’s Middleweight

Men’s Heavyweight

IBJJF Crown Brackets
IBJJF Men’s Heavyweight

Men’s Ultra-Heavyweight

IBJJF Crown Brackets
IBJJF Men’s Ultra Heavyweight

Women’s Lightweight

IBJJF Crown Brackets
IBJJF Women’s lightweight

Women’s Super-Heavyweight

IBJJF Crown Brackets
IBJJF Women’s Super-heavyweight

Full IBJJF Crown results and match order

Women’s Lightweight – Nathalie Ribeiro def. Janaina Lebre via points (8-2)

Women’s Lightweight – Luiza Monteiro def. Brianna Ste-Marie via points (6-2)

Men’s Featherweight – Samuel Nagai def. Diego Pato via advantages (2-0)

Men’s Featherweight – Isaac Doederlein def. Fabricio Andrey via ref’s decision

Men’s Middleweight – Tainan Dalpra def. Pedro Maia via points (2-0)

Men’s Middleweight – Andy Murazaki def. Mauricio Oliveira via advantages (1-0)

Men’s Heavyweight – Fellipe Andrew def. Francisco Lo via submission (head and arm choke), 7:30

Men’s Heavyweight – Gustavo Batista def. Uanderson Ferreira via points (5-0)

Women’s Super-Heavyweight – Gabrielli Pessanha def. Amy Campo via advantages (1-0)

Women’s Super-Heavyweight – Tayane Porfirio def. Melissa Stricker via submission (choke from back), 5:52

Men’s Ultra-Heavyweight – Joao Gabriel Rocha vs Victor Honorio, Double DQ

Men’s Ultra-Heavyweight – Erich Munis vs Roosevelt Sousa (became finals match)

Women’s Lightweight 3rd Place – Janaina Lebre wins by default (Brianna Ste-Marie didn’t compete)

Men’s Featherweight 3rd Place – Diego Pato def. Fabricio Andrey via advantages (1-0)

Men’s Middleweight 3rd Place – Mauricio Oliveira def Pedro Maia via advantages (1-0)

Men’s Heavyweight 3rd Place – Francisco Lo wins by default (Uanderson Ferreira did not compete)

Women’s Super-Heavyweight 3rd Place – Melissa Stricker def. Amy Campo via points (2-0)

Men’s Ultra-Heavyweight 3rd Place – None.

Women’s Lightweight Finals – Luiza Monteiro def. Nathalie Ribeiro via points (12-0)

Men’s Featherweight Finals – Samuel Nagai def Issac Doederlein via advantages (1-0)

Men’s Middleweight Finals – Tainan Dalpra def Andy Murasaki via submission (triangle choke), 3:08

Men’s Heavyweight Finals – Fellipe Andrew def. Gustavo Batista via points (11-0)

Women’s Super-Heavyweight Finals – Gabrielli Pessanha def. Tayane Porfirio via points (2-0)

Men’s Ultra-Heavyweight Finals – Erich Munis def Roosevelt Sousa via advantages (5-0)

IBJJF Crown: How to watch and live stream

IBJJF Crown will happen on Sunday, November 19 starting at 4 p.m. ET.

The event can be streamed live on FloGrappling, with the earlier portions of the event likely being streamed for free on their YouTube channel.

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