Revgear Deodorizer, Soap, & Foam Review

Checking out some Revgear personal hygiene products

By: Derek Schott | 4 weeks ago
Revgear Deodorizer, Soap, & Foam Review

Recently Bloody Elbow partnered up with Revgear and we were asked if any of us wanted to check out and review some of the products they make. While several of my co-workers actively train in combat sports, the closest I get to training is driving by the local Gold’s Gym on my way to Cold Stone Creamery. Which means I can’t rightly sit here and share my thoughts on their gloves pads and other training gear. I do however have to wash my filthy carcass at the end of the day, so I opted to try some of the Revgear personal hygiene products.

And a few weeks ago I was sent a package containing two of their No Stink Glove & Shoe Deodorizers, one bar of their Defense soap, and one cannister of their Defense Soap Barrier Foam.

Revgear No Stink Glove & Shoe Deodorizer

My shoe size is 14 wide, which means there’s a lot of real estate down there that can collect sweat and various funky stuff. Since I don’t have particularly smelly feet to begin with I wanted to try them on the worst pair of shoes I have, a pair of formerly white sneakers that are well used and have never seen the inside of a washing machine. I only wear them outside during the summer months when I’m doing yard work or I’m working on a car. I also grabbed a pair of cowhide work gloves I use when I burn yard waste, so they smell like the bottom of an ashtray you’d find in the corner of a dive bar.

Did I mention the shoes have never been washed?

I decided to do a simple A B comparison using the left shoe/glove as a control while the other would spend the night with one of the No Stink packets, as per the instructions, and then I’d check on them in the morning.

Compared to the control, the shoe with the packet definitely smelled better and had a strong lemon punch with it. For the glove the smoky smell was still detectable but greatly reduced and it had the same strong scent of lemon as the shoe.

I’d give it an A

Revgear Defense bar soap

I won’t lie to you, this soap has a very strong smell when you first take it out of the box, it’s like an uppercut from Shane Carwin. Several members of my family recoiled when they got their first whiff of it. I can’t tell you exactly what it is but it’s best described as “semi-medicinal”. And it doesn’t go away while you’re using it either. I took a shower with it and it lathers up just fine, when I was done I felt clean like normal and it didn’t leave my skin tingling like some soaps I’ve used before.

After I was dressed I asked the same family members to give me another sniff and they all said I smelled fine, that medicinal smell doesn’t transfer over to your body thankfully. I plan to stick with my regular soap but I did ask my colleague Victor Rodriguez about it and this was his response.

“I used to buy this years ago, and nothing protected my skin better than this.”

I’d give it a B-

Revgear Defense Soap Barrier Foam

As I said in the intro, I don’t roll on the mats like other Bloody Elbow staffers do, but I do work on cars and other mechanical stuff, if you’ve ever spilled limited slip diff additive on yourself then you know no matter how much you scrub, you’re going to be wearing it for days. And like with the shoes and gloves I wanted to do another A B test.

I washed both of my hands and with a disposable glove on my left, I applied a generous amount of the foam to my right and rubbed it in. I then went to my garage and started rubbing the wheel on my riding lawnmower. I gave it ten swipes back and forth with each hand and then looked at the results. It may not show up very well in the picture but if you look at my fingers, there is more dirt on my left hand vs my right .


I’d give in A+

Bloody Elbow merch now available

Bloody Elbow is pleased to announce our partnership with Revgear. They have been a pioneer in the MMA gear industry and have grown into a formidable brand and true leader in the market. Revgear now have Bloody Elbow t-shirts, hoodies and hats so you can show your support for independent MMA journalism.

Bloody Elbow x RevGear
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