UFC 300 lineup: We’ve got 2 superstar nos and one superstar maybe

Looks like we won't see the return of Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey at UFC 300 but there is one other superstar who we might hope to see.

By: Nate Wilcox | 1 month ago
UFC 300 lineup: We’ve got 2 superstar nos and one superstar maybe
Dana White and Conor McGregor at UFC 285 | LouisxGrasse / ZUMA Wire, IMAGO

Dana White denies Brock Lesnar & Ronda Rousey UFC 300 rumors

With UFC 300 coming up in April, 2024 and nothing announced yet, there’s naturally going to be a lot of speculation.

UFC veteran and podcaster Brendan Schaub has poured a certain amount of fuel on the fire with claims that Ronda Rousey was offered huge sums of money to return to the promotion for UFC 300.

“I’ll say this, I have it on good authority they offered Ronda Rousey more money than you can imagine to come back, and she said no,” Schaub said.

“It’s like the guy that can’t get the hot girl like, ‘Dude, she’s ugly.’ That’s Dana’s like, ‘No dude, we never offered, she’s not fighting,’” Schaub continued. “Maybe Dana didn’t do the deal, I’m not saying Dana offered it. From what I know, they offered her more money than God, and she was like, ‘I’m good.’ Ronda’s very smart, has other businesses, her farms, her houses. She doesn’t need to do any of it. She said no.”

Brock Lesnar’s return has been another consistently rumored event for the much-anticipated mega-card.

UFC boss Dana White has been pouring cold water on these rumors for a while and he just added a bucket of ice.

According to the UK Independent, “I get why everybody asks,” said White, president and chief executive of the UFC. “I love that everybody loves them like that, and with so much passion. I do, too. But they’re definitely not coming back for UFC 300.

“I always had an incredible working relationship with Brock Lesnar. It’s funny to say this because he’s such a grouchy dude, but I consider Brock Lesnar a friend.

“I absolutely love Ronda Rousey. She’s one of the greatest athletes I’ve ever worked with. She’s a pioneer, an inspirational figure for women, and an all-around badass for UFC.”

So much for that. But with those two former UFC superstars out of the running, what’s left for UFC 300?

Daniel Cormier has a unified field theory for UFC 300

Former two-division UFC champ and current UFC commentator Daniel Cormier has a theory that would actually be a pretty good UFC 300 card.

“UFC 100 had Brock [Lesnar], right? With Georges St-Pierre and all those guys,” Cormier said on his “DC & RC” show. “UFC 200 had Brock, it was supposed to me and [Jon] Jones also but it ended up being me, Anderson Silva, Brock, all these guys, big names,” Cormier said. “UFC 300 has to have a name like that. We don’t have Brock Lesnar anymore. So, I think you have to have a Conor McGregor versus Michael Chandler. I think Michael Chandler gets his shot now, in the main event. Boy, Michael Chandler will headline UFC 300, how crazy is that?”

Cormier also envisions a two-title bout card underneath the McGregor-Chandler match.

“Co-main event, when I look down the line, I know that Jones and Stipe [Miocic] will not be ready,” Cormier continued. “I do believe that whoever wins the [interim heavyweight] belt this weekend will have to fight again. Leon Edwards or Colby Covington will then be available again, right? Because they fight [at UFC 296] in December. I believe it’ll be one of them, if not both. The interim heavyweight champion and then the welterweight champion will also fight at UFC 300.”

What do you think?

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