Bantamweight kickboxing champ has a ‘target’ on his back

ONE bantamweight kickboxing champ Jonathan Haggerty has a warning for rivals.

By: Tom Ward | 1 month ago
Bantamweight kickboxing champ has a ‘target’ on his back
Jonathan Haggerty | AmpholxThongmueangluang / SOPA Images, IMAGO

Heavy weighs the ONE kickboxing crown

Jonathan Haggerty knows that he has got a “target” on his back but has warned his rivals to be careful what they wish for regarding a fight with him.

‘The General’ claimed the vacant ONE bantamweight kickboxing belt earlier this month when he knocked out Fabricio Andrade with a brutal combination in the second round. 

With the win, Haggerty became a world champion in two different sports, after beating Nong-O Gaiyanghadao in April to win the ONE bantamweight Muay Thai title. 

The Brit now has two of the major belts in the organisation and has his sights firmly set on adding a third to his collection early next year. 

“At this point I don’t know what I’m going to do next,” Haggerty told Bloody Elbow.

“I don’t know whose belt I’m going to take next. But I’ve got a bit of a target on my back now. I like to fight the biggest names. 

“I love it when people doubt me. That’s what I thrive off of. Like Tawanchai, I don’t think anyone thinks I can win that fight, apart from me and my team, so I want to knock him out to prove them all wrong.”

Ambitions to fight MMA

Jonathan Haggerty lands a punch on Fabricio Andrade.
Jonathan Haggerty lands a punch on Fabricio Andrade (Photo via ONE Championship)

Despite being predominantly known for his striking, Haggerty has long harboured ambitions of transitioning into MMA.

And while he insists he is willing to fight anyone whose name is put in front of him, there is one person in particular he would love to fight if such an opportunity arises. 

“I would never say no,” he admitted. 

“You know me, I will fight anyone, but especially Demetrious Johnson.

“I just remember growing up watching him as a kid with my dad, so to finally get the MMA gloves on and have a scrap with him, that would be great.”

Should such a fight materialise, Haggerty revealed he has received a welcome offer from a very familiar name to show him how to stuff takedowns.

“I think my wrestling coach has already found me,” he laughed. 

“He’s already reached out, Henry Cejudo, I think he’s going to teach me a lot of stuff, I think he’s also got a fight coming up, so hopefully I can show him a few tricks as well.

“There’s going to be people who can’t wait to throw me around but I’m definitely up for it. Whenever they want to offer me the MMA belt I’ll be ready to go. Give me 12 weeks and I will beat Andrade in MMA I have no doubt.”

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