Jorge Masvidal has a new plan for Colby Covington

Now that he's not facing jail time, Jorge Masvidal has a lot to say about UFC contender Colby Covington.

By: Nate Wilcox | 4 weeks ago
Jorge Masvidal has a new plan for Colby Covington
Colby Covington awaits his fight with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272. | Louis Grasse / ZUMA Wire, IMAGO

Former UFC BMF “champion” Jorge Masvidal recently copped a plea in his assault case against Colby Covington.

As we reported earlier, “Masvidal accepted a plea of misdemeanor batter on Monday, November 6th in Miami-Dade county. In exchange for his plea, two felony counts carrying a potential penalty of $10,000 and/or 15-years in prison were dropped. As a result, Masvidal was sentenced to time served as well as an agreement to pay court costs from the case. Masvidal appeared in person for the sentencing and gave a statement outside the courthouse.”

But apparently that doesn’t mean these men have seen the last of each other.

Jorge Masvidal threatens to knock the rest of Covington’s teeth out

Masvidal was notably unrepentant outside the courthouse saying, “**** you Colby, it’s gonna be a ****ing movie now. All these orders, all these restraining orders, all these things have been lifted off; it’s gonna be a ****ing movie. Thank you Brad, God bless. If you run into trouble, this is the dude right here, huh? I’m telling you. Undefeated in this ****ing court room.”

In a more recent interview with the MMA Hour, Masvidal doubled down on his trash talk to his former friend and training partner, this time coupled with a direct threat.

“I don’t know when, but me and Colby are going to see each other at some point,” Masvidal said (transcript via MMA Fighting). “Whether it’s in a f****** cage, or I don’t know where the f*** it’s going to be, but we’re going to see each other for him lying on my name, for him f****** pressing charges, for everything that he’s f****** done, we are going to see each other. And it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be interesting. I’m going to knock the rest of his f****** teeth out. I got to knock two of his f****** fake-ass teeth out.

“Three felonies and a misdemeanor! F*** you, motherf*****. You piece of s***. You know with three felonies I never could have had a job again. Look, I was scared for my life. [Smiles knowingly].”

“He should have never brought up my kids,” Jorge Masvidal continued. “I told him before, I told him during, I told him after, don’t bring up my kids, you’re going to have different problems you’re going to have to deal with for the rest of your life. Because I might be retired, but to this day, the funnest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life is fighting.

“So if I’ve got a chance to whoop somebody’s ass that’s crossed the line, I’m all for it. Every time we see each other, we can throw down. The only difference is, I’m never going to involve f* other people or police. This f* fluid-gender b, claiming he’s a man and a patriot, when I know he’s a f** state-sponsored snitch-b. What a p.”

As Combat Sports Law‘s Erik Magraken tweeted, statements like this could be especially bad for Masvidal in civil court should Covington elect to follow up the criminal charges with a civil suit.

Colby Covington getting set to fight Leon Edwards

Meanwhile Colby Covington is moving on with his professional career as he’s about to face UFC welterweight champ Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

“It’s a great matchup, I love fighting southpaws,” Covington said in a September interview with James Lynch (transcript via MMA Fighting). “There’s a reason he’s delaying this matchup, he knows it’s the hardest stylistic fight for him and for me, it’s just another fight, another big pay-per-view main event. I don’t remember the last time I fought a f****** three-round prelim fight like some of these other bums that call out my name.”

“I think it’s a great stylistic fight, southpaw to southpaw and I don’t think he can keep up with my well-roundedness. He’s going to be guessing the whole time, am I taking him down, or am I striking? Am I taking him down or am I striking? Now, I’m a black belt under sensei [Daniel] Valverde, my submission skills, my finishing skills, I’m coming to put this dude lights out. He’s ain’t making it 25 minutes come December 16 in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nev.”

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