WTF – Dazzling martial arts duel between Tai Chi and Karate

Tai Chi is finally represented among the martial arts with a ton of shine, and you're gonna want to see how that plays out.

By: Victor Rodriguez | 1 month ago
WTF – Dazzling martial arts duel between Tai Chi and Karate

Ahoy, martial arts kids. No, I don’t usually talk like that. The hell was I thinking, opening with “ahoy”? Ugh. Anyway, hope you enjoyed watching Francis Ngannou shock the world as much as some of us did. But we’re putting away all the fancy pugilism for some Tai Chi action today.

Why, yes. Tai Chi. The art we’ve covered over and over and over and over and over, because it just delivers. It’s not that we’re trying to be mean or anything, it’s just that Tai Chi has the misfortune of being the art that nine times out of ten ends up on the losing side of style vs style duels.

Tai Chi finally gets some martial arts shine

No, I mean it this time. For real. Tai Chi is going to get some genuine love from me this time. And I mean the real world stuff, not the cool stuff from Dead Or Alive. Our pal Jerry over at Fight Commentary Breakdowns gives us a series of Tai Chi vs Karate martial arts matches. They’re actually kinda great! But it’s the third one in particular that we’re going to focus on.

Don’t worry, I queued it to the match itself. You’re welcome.

The Tai Chi guy immediately establishes range with three quick kicks, including a nice-looking leg kick followed by a body kick.

Tai Chi practitioner lands a leg kick
Tai Chi practitioner lands a leg kick

But then Tai Chi guy gets a little zesty, and goes for a lovely Tomoe Nage — the attack of diplomats.

Tai Chi practitioner grabs opponent to set up throw
Tai Chi practitioner executes rolling throw
Tai Chi practitioner ends up on bottom after Tomoe Nage

Then he nonchalantly nails a lovely side kick that puts Karate Guy on his ass.

Tai Chi practitioner lands a side kick
Tai Chi practitioner sends opponent flying with side kick

Look, it’s always the arms flailing that’s gonna do it for me. That’s hilarious regardless of discipline. But it stops being funny once Tai Chi Guy realizes he’s getting what he wants for free and brings a ladle for the biggest scoop of all. Watch this setup that begins with another side kick and the sensational followup:

Tai Chi practitioner lands another body kick
Tai Chi practitioner sets up a corkscrew kick
Tai Chi practitioner sets up a corkscrew kick
Tai Chi practitioner sets up a corkscrew kick
Tai Chi practitioner sets up a corkscrew kick
Tai Chi practitioner lands a corkscrew kick

Now, see… Tai Chi guy was really feeling himself after that number and went to the well once again. Didn’t go so Hollywood for him this time. Karate dude saw it coming and decided he didn’t want a second helping.

Karate dude avoids a strike from Tai Chi master
Tai Chi practitioner attempts another corkscrew kick, gets kicked to the ground
Tai Chi practitioner lands after failed corkscrew kick

Hey, good eye. But Tai Chi Guy isn’t done. He goes for another side kick. It may not have landed with the same impact as the first one, though.

Tai Chi practitioner lands another side kick to the body

“Nope, I’m safe! Oh, wait…”

Tai Chi practitioner lands body kick
Tai chi master blasts karateka with a body kick
Karate practitioner falls outside ring after absorbing a side kick

Welp, Karate Guy looked like he was primed for a comeback. He got kicked out of the fighting space instead. Demoralizing for him, but a banner day for Team Tai Chi. Take a bow, Tai Chi Guy, you done did your discipline and grandmasters proud.

Sambo train keeps rolling

More to enjoy from SAMBOFIAS again, continuing with recent action from the Dominican Republic. Here’s a combat match that looks like it was a real grind.

Actually, here’s another. This time from the women’s side.

Old-school Catch

I love me some Catch Wrestling, and so does our guy Chadi. Here he is taking a look at some old throws and lovely techniques that have withstood the test of time.

The grace of Wushu

The Chinese art of Wushu is a joy to witness, and here’s some classic footage from the world championships in 2014, courtesy of Wushu TV.

A dose of cute

You have to be completely heartless to not be moved by how adorable this is. Check out this Taekwondo battle that ends up with everyone winning.

That’s all we’ve got this week, kids. Have fun with that final Mario Kart course pack, it’s looking mighty fun. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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