Dillon Danis’ coach tells him he’s ‘not a boxer’

Even Dillon Danis' coach doesn't think he should be in the boxing ring after last weekend.

By: Zane Simon | 2 months ago
Dillon Danis’ coach tells him he’s ‘not a boxer’
FloSports: FloGrappling Submission Underground 4, May 14, 2017; Portland, OR, USA; Jake Shields defeats Dillon Danis in Submission Underground 4 at Roseland Theatre. | Al Sermeno / USA TODAY Network, IMAGO

Dillon Danis found himself back in the news this week, and for once it was actually for competitive athletic reasons. The longtime Conor McGregor training partner picked up a spot in the co-main event of the latest Misfits Boxing celebrity fight card, taking on noted YouTuber Logan Paul.

The fight was mostly a disaster from a competitive standpoint, but it sounds like Danis walked away with a decent payday, even if it came on the back of a sixth round DQ loss. It was the first combat sport of any kind Danis has competed in since a 2019 submission win over Max Humphrey, back at Bellator 222. Could it be a sign of future things to come for the SBG Ireland fighter?

Dillon Danis’ coach John Kavanagh urges him back to MMA

Not if coach John Kavanagh gets his way it won’t. Following the boxing match—in which Dillon Danis largely stayed shelled up on the back foot (and only landed 16 punches in 6 rounds)—Kavanagh took some time to give his thoughts on Danis’ fighting future. To hear him tell it, whatever Danis decides to do next, it shouldn’t be more boxing.

“I say this with nothing but love for Dillon, he knows I love him: I’d love to see him just put the phone down for a minute, and come back to Dublin,” Kavanagh said in an interview with MMA Junkie. “I’ve been torturing him come over to Dublin. I know he just had a wee baby, and we’re all excited about that. I’d love to see him come to Dublin again and just throw himself into training for mixed martial arts. He’s an MMA fighter, he’s not a boxer.”

He’s not wrong. Nothing about Danis’ performance in the ring suggested a man at all prepared to box, even at a reasonably low level. Then again, if Danis’ recent interview with Piers Morgan is anything to go by, he made a lot more money to be a terrible boxer than he would for being a mediocre MMA talent.

Dillon Danis claims 7-figure payday for Paul fight

Dillon Danis appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored this week, where the noted TV host tried to bait the 30-year-old into signing a giant novelty check over a pre-fight purse bet that Danis had made with Logan Paul. Danis was wary about putting pen to paper, especially since he revealed he’s appealing his DQ loss, but did give Morgan a ballpark figure when asked how much he made for his fight with Paul.

“Over a million,” Danis stated, when asked how big his fight purse was for the Misfits Boxing ‘Prime Card.’

If that seems like a lot of money to pay a man who can’t actually put on a competitive fight, consider that the event apparently sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.3M PPV buys. This kind of boxing may not make for great sports, but it’s making for high-interest entertainment. Opportunities to keep making bank likely won’t be going away anytime soon.

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