KSI vs. Tommy Fury scores changed after judging error revealed

Does KSI actually have a reason to celebrate his performance against Tommy Fury at the Misfits Boxing 'Prime Card'?

By: Zane Simon | 2 months ago
KSI vs. Tommy Fury scores changed after judging error revealed
KSI celebrates back to back victories at a 2022 Misfits Boxing event. - IMAGO / John Barry | IMAGO / John Barry, IMAGO

Last weekend in combat sports was entirely owned by Misfits Boxing and their ‘Prime Card’ featuring a pair of high profile celebrity bouts. In the co-main event, YouTube sensation Logan Paul took on longtime Conor McGregor training partner Dillon Danis. The fight proved to be a dud, with Danis spending most of the bout shelling up as Paul huffed and puffed his way through the six round contest on his way to a DQ win.

Still, that proved more entertaining than the evening’s main event, where former Love Island cast member and scion to the Fury boxing family Tommy Fury took on Misfits Boxing founder KSI. A YouTube sensation in his own right, KSI has leaned hard into celebrity pugilism since taking a pair of amateur bouts in 2018. This year alone he’s stepped in the ring three times, for bouts against FaZe Temperrr, Joe Fournier, and now Tommy Fury.

All that work hasn’t added much to the king of FIFA reaction videos’ skill set, however. He came into his bout with Fury looking for a few big right hands, and prolonged clinches every time he failed to land. By the end of six rounds, their fight proved more hug than mug. And despite losing a point early on for shots to the back of the head, Fury walked away with a ‘majority decision’. Or did he?

Misfits Boxing Judge reveals Fury/KSI scoring error

KSI has made a lot of noise since the loss, claiming that he was the victim of highway robbery. To back up his claim, the part-time pugilist has a few stats in his favor. In rounds 1, 2, & 5 KSI was actually credited as the busier fighter, out-striking Fury by a total of 26 to 18. In total, KSI is credited with landing 38 total punches to Fury’s 39, and 35 power punches to Fury’s 27. If judges had seen fit even to give KSI three rounds to match Fury’s three, the point deduction to Fury would tip the fight against him.

“That is a robbery, bro,” KSI told reporters after the event. “How many jabs did you land? Look at your face, look at your eyes. I’m the YouTuber, you are the boxer so you have to win?

“He is the man who is supposed to be the pro boxer. He hit me on the back of the head over and over. It is outrageous. I want to appeal. I need to see it again. I felt like I won that.”

So what’s the new verdict? The UK’s Independent reports that judge Rafael Ramos, who initially scored the fight a 57-57 draw, in fact had it 57-56 for Fury. Sorry, KSI, but the fight is now a clean sweep for Tyson Fury’s unbeaten half-brother.

Fake letter claims Association of Boxing Commissions will overturn bout

If this weren’t all confusing enough, shortly after Fury’s victory the internet went to work and started spreading even more controversy. A TikTok video from a user named has.725 marked “Not a KSI Fan BTW” purported to share a letter written by the Association of Boxing Commissions claiming that, following a review of the fight, Fury’s win had been overturned.

After a comprehensive review of the bout, including careful analysis of match footage and evaluation of the judging process, the Association of Boxing Commissions has determined that irregularities occurred during the fight between KSI and Tommy Fury. In light of these findings, and in adherence to our commitment to upholding fairness and integrity within the sport, we have made the decision to overturn the initial result of the match.

Therefore, it is our official ruling that KSI is declared the winner of the bout. We acknowledge KSI’s dedication, skill, and sportsmanship displayed throughout the contest, and extend our heartfelt congratulations to him on his hard-earned victory.

If all that stuff about KSI’s skill and dedication didn’t already mark this as obvious BS, it’s also worth noting that the ABC is an entirely US-based governing body that has nothing to do with the regulation, judging, or licensing of KSI’s fight with Fury in Manchester, England.

It’s unclear at this time if KSI intends to file a formal review. While Fury sounded entirely uninterested in diving back into the waters of celebrity boxing following the victory, he wasn’t quite so quick to shoot the idea down when asked about it in the days following the event.

“Me and my team are going to get round the table in about a month and we’ll decide the best route to take,” Fury responded when asked about re-matching KSI. Given a little time off to enjoy his winnings, it might just be that we’ll see this circus all over again in 2024.

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