Dillon Danis offered $100,000 to become head trainer at adult entertainment company

The fallout from the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis debacle at Misfits Boxing: The Prime Card is epic.

By: Nate Wilcox | 1 month ago
Dillon Danis offered $100,000 to become head trainer at adult entertainment company
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This is one of those ‘I can’t believe I have to write this post’ posts, but I’m certainly not going to insist someone else write it. Frankly, after all the attention and traffic generated by Saturday’s Misfits Boxing: The Prime Card, in particular the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis debacle, a follow up of some sort is required

Jake Paul: Dillon Danis disgraced himself against Logan Paul

After the literally toxic pre-fight build-up by Dillon Danis which featured allegations of cyber-stalking, hacking, revenge porn, a lawsuit filed, and an exchange of blows with foreign objects at the pre-fight presser between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, fans were pretty disappointed by the ultra-lame fight that they paid good money to see.

Here’s what Logan’s brother Jake Paul had to say afterward on YouTube:

“Dillon is such a ‘L’ It is such an L,” Paul said on YouTube. “What an embarrassing person. Probably the worst fighter I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He talked all that **** and didn’t back it up whatsoever. Now he has to go back to real life.

“It’s funny because he tried to do jiu-jitsu and wrestling and all these things and Logan stopped him. So Logan won the MMA fight, too. I’m so happy for my brother.”

“Remember, good always beats evil,” Paul said. “People can go online all they want, cyberbully, troll, post memes but when it comes to real life and facing those words and backing them up, **** changes.”

Jake also called out KSI for being a “sore loser” after dropping a decision to Tommy Fury and then called out Fury for a rematch of their (equally boring and awful) bout.

“To see KSI just disintegrating, acting like the sorest loser in the world,” Paul said. “I knew that, I expected that. This kid’s ego is out of control. Kicking the screens, crying, stuttering, asking for an appeal. This guy is 30 years old acting like this.

“Take it like a man. Don’t be a sore loser. You lost. Tommy had a point deducted and you still lost.

“I wasn’t impressed by either man,” Paul said. “I think Tommy fought way better against me. He came in more prepared. Tonight, he was flat footed, kind of awkward and KSI was good for one round and got tired after that. But I still want to decapitate KSI. We have to finish what we started and the Tommy Fury rematch is right there. Tommy’s going to want that payday. Payday, Tommy.

“But knowing where I’m going, my improvement, my new team that I have, my new mindset and elevating every single day in the boxing gym, from what I saw in Tommy, I know in the rematch I’m going to beat that guy. I’m going to show ya’ll how to take a loss, come back, win against Nate Diaz and win again when it’s time to put it all on the line.”

He also had some blather about “good always triumphing over evil” and then touted his sports betting app “legal in 24 states.” Oh the lulz.

Then there’s this:

Adult entertainment site has offer for Dillon Danis

Meanwhile this arrived in my in box this morning:

Dear Dillon Danis,
You were humiliated by Logan Paul on Saturday in the ring. He thoroughly outboxed you and you had to resort to pulling a guillotine choke. Now that your fighting career is officially over, I’m sure you’re looking for new career ventures.

I’d like to formally extend you an offer to serve as the “Head BJ(J) Trainer” for My.Club, a leading platform for adult content creators. In your role, you will give BJJ tutorials to post to your My.Club profile via photo and video and provide fans with video call sessions teaching them Brazilian Jiu Jitsu basics. People can visit your profile to educate themselves on techniques like pull guard, close guard, scissor guard, full mount, and more.

In return for serving as My.Club’s ‘Head BJ(J) Trainer’ for one full year, we will compensate you up to $100,000.

Please take some time to consider my offer. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Mike Ford
Vice President of My.Club

Nothing to add to that except LMAO.

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