Gordon Ryan vs. Mark Hunt? BJJ star accepts UFC vet’s fiery fight call-out

BJJ ace Gordon Ryan recently had an online spat with MMA legend Mark Hunt.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 2 months ago
Gordon Ryan vs. Mark Hunt? BJJ star accepts UFC vet’s fiery fight call-out
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Submission grappling star Gordon Ryan has been delighted by the recent split between the UFC and USADA. The 28-year-old BJJ star and five-time ADCC champion openly celebrated the publicized break-up on social media, much to the displeasure of MMA legend and veteran Mark Hunt

Now, the two are virtually jawing at each other, with “King” Gordon getting the last word in. 

BJJ star Gordon Ryan’s stance on the UFC-USADA split

In an unexpected turn, the UFC recently decided to sever its eight-year partnership with the drug-testing agency. It all happened amidst Conor McGregor’s intent to return to the testing pool for a possible comeback.

For an admitted PED user in Gordon Ryan, it was “amazing news” that he immediately celebrated. Here’s the BJJ superstar’s explanation via social media. 

“The reason people watch professional sports is almost exclusively for entertainment value. Few people who watch pro sports have any real desire to excel at those same sports, so really, they are just watching for the most entertainment.

“The higher the testosterone, the more physical the athletes are, the less prone to injury they are, the faster they recover, the longer they can compete, and the more entertaining and high-paced they are.

“The better they look, the more attention they draw, the more money they make.”

The BJJ champ pointed out how beating drug tests has “become a multi-billion dollar industry,” which puts up-and-comers at a disadvantage since they don’t have the resources to “use PEDs and get away with it.”

“This creates an uneven playing field. If there’s no testing, then every athlete can use what he or she wants, and the playing field is now level.”

Mark Hunt displeased by Gordon Ryan’s take

From the other side of the fence comes Mark Hunt, who’s been vocal about his stance against PED use. Until recently, the “Super Samoan” was in a legal battle with the UFC after he sued his employers, claiming they knew Brock Lesnar was on PEDs when they fought at UFC 200 in 2016. 

Lesnar did test positive for clomiphene, overturning his decision win to a No Contest. Hunt, however, lost his court case after a judge saw no “clear and convincing evidence” of battery, fraud, and conspiracy. 

Likely still mad about the outcome, the 49-year-old longtime KO artist lashed out at Gordon Ryan via social media. 

“What does this idiot know about fighting @gordonlovesjiujitsu maybe have at least one proper fight before u start talking dikhead

“Maybe I should get on the sauce and stomp your face see how u like it”

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Adelaide-Hunt vs Willis, Dec 1, 2018; Adelaide, Australia; Mark Hunt (red gloves) before his fight against Justin Willis (blue gloves) during UFC Fight Night at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Mandatory Credit: James Elsby-USA TODAY Sports, 01.12.2018 15:09:37, 11772662, UFC Fight Night, Mark Hunt, Justin Willis, MMA PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY 11772662
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Gordon Ryan claims he’s willing to fight Mark Hunt

BJJ great Gordon Ryan surprisingly then claimed he’s willing to take on the former K-1 Grand Prix winner, while admitting to the possibility of getting his lights shut off.

“If you read the post, you’d either see the validity of the arguments or offer up a decent rebuttal that was factually based. You did nothing but blabber out of your fat, miserable mouth.

“We can fight anytime you’d like. You may very well knock me out before I get hold of a leg… but then again, you may also not. And I’m very willing to take my chances. Miserable f–k.”

Hunt had since deleted the post, but MMA Mania kept the receipts. 

Gordon Ryan’s last appearance on the BJJ mats happened at the beginning of the month against Patrick Gaudio at WNO 20. He won via armbar submission. 

Hunt’s most recent bout happened in 2022 inside the boxing ring against heavyweight boxer and rugby player Sonny Bill Williams. He won via fourth-round TKO. 

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