Report: Misfits Boxing ‘Prime Card’ crushes it on PPV

A smashing success for Misfits Boxing's latest PPV offering.

By: Zane Simon | 1 month ago
Report: Misfits Boxing ‘Prime Card’ crushes it on PPV
Boxen, Two Fights in One Night in London MF & DAZN SERIES 001 - Fight Night Youtube personality KSI of England and Luis Alcaraz Pineda of Mexico during their ˜Two Fights in One Night™ cruiserweight boxing bout London The O2 UK JB2_6829 | Misfits Boxing: KSI hugs Logan Paul. - IMAGO / John Barry, IMAGO

By most standards of professional athletics, the Misfits Boxing: The Prime Card was a complete waste of time and ring space. The undercard was filled with exactly the kind of glorified sparring fans should expect from a bunch of social media celebrities who take a weekend warrior approach to combat sports.

And the main/co-main event? Dillon Danis and KSI both decidedly did not show up to box. For Danis’ part, he spent 6 rounds with his hands up, playing heavybag for an immediately winded and awkward Logan Paul, while KSI hoped that he could 1-punch KO Tommy Fury and held on for dear life every second between those punches. Suffice to say, as a combat sports product, it was a complete trash fire.

Misfits Boxing: KSI vs. Fury card sells reported 1.3M PPVs

As an entertainment product, however, it seems that Misfits Boxing: The Prime Card, was an unmitigated success. Celebrity boxing promoter and social media news source Happy Punch reports that Saturday’s Misfits PPV sold approximately 1.3 million buys.

It’s unclear if that includes any secondary distribution deals, but DAZN had the event pegged at $54.99 for US fans and £19.99 UK pounds sterling ($24.42). Even assuming the bulk of the PPVs came from the UK that would put the event revenue in the neighborhood of $32M, not including ticket sales, advertising deals, and merchandise. That kind of PPV number would match KSI’s previous high seller, his 2018 bout against Logan Paul. Although the revenue here is likely to be much higher since that PPV was broadcast principally on YouTube.

Dillon Danis offered $100k to do BJJ tutorials on cam-site

Shortly after losing to Logan Paul in the Misfits Boxing co-main event, Dillon Danis had a surprise offer come his way. Adult cam-site My.Club is offering the longtime Conor McGregor training partner $100,000 for a year of BJJ tutorials delivered on video for the web service.

“I’d like to formally extend you an offer to serve as the Head BJ(J) Trainer for My.Club, a leading platform for adult content creators,” My.Club VP Mike Ford wrote in an email released to several media outlets. “In your role, you will give BJJ tutorials to post to your My.Club profile via photo and video and provide fans with video call sessions teaching them Brazilian Jiu Jitsu basics. People can visit your profile to educate themselves on techniques like pull guard, close guard, scissor guard, full mount, and more.”

Danis just might need the money too. In the days leading up to his Misfits Boxing bout with Paul, the 30-year-old apparently talked his way into a purse bet with his rival. Danis told Paul he wanted to be best man at his wedding if Paul lost to him in the boxing ring, to which Paul replied that he would take that bet, only if Danis put his fight purse on the line as collateral.

Something tells me Logan Paul isn’t gonna see any of that money, unless it comes his way via the lawsuit his fiancee currently has pending against Danis over apparently hacked images Danis has reportedly obtained of the model. If that goes through, then all this gambling may be a moot point.

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