No more Misfits Boxing – Ex-WBC champ wants KSI’s promotion nixed

Misfits Boxing 'needs to end' says a former WBC, IBF and WBA champ, who labelled the Prime Card 'absolute crap'.

By: Tim Bissell | 1 month ago
No more Misfits Boxing – Ex-WBC champ wants KSI’s promotion nixed
IMAGO/John Barry | KSI at a Misfits Boxing show. IMAGO / John Barry, IMAGO

Carl Froch slams Misfits Boxing

On Saturday Misfits Boxing produced The Prime Card featuring KSI vs. Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis in the dual main events. Fury added KSI’s name to list of wins (which also includes Jake Paul) after a dull hugfest. Paul beat Danis by DQ after the grappler showed he had no interest in a boxing match whatsoever.

The event was a ratings hit, though. The web traffic that came through Bloody Elbow for that event was bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. Regardless of the box office success this event was sure to have been, a legitimate fighter thinks Misfits Boxing has to go.

Carl Froch told us what he really thinks on his YouTube channel, blasting Misfits Boxing as “crap”.

“I don’t like calling it boxing … the reason I said that is because I don’t want to mix in Misfits Boxing with actual real boxing,” Froch said. “I do think it should be separated. The Misfits stuff and what we saw last night, I think people are starting to realize that, actually, it’s not professional boxing. It’s… crap. It’s really bad. It’s not even play fighting. It’s really rubbish.”

Froch had some positives to say about Logan Paul

Despite hating much of what he saw on Saturday, Froch did have some scant praise.

“It was a great production,” he said. “The venue in Manchester was absolutely packed, sold out. … A lot of kids, my son’s friend from school, ten or twelve of them, they got together to watch the event with popcorn and they ordered some chips and burgers from a local takeaway and they were all sitting there getting excited for the event. In terms of the production, pyrotechnics on the night, the ring entrances, the celebrity presence, the crowd presence, the money that most of gone into it. I think they spent a lot of dough on it and they make it look good. … Fair play to them for that.”

“Problem is when these guys actually get into the boxing ring… it’s just crap, the fighting’s rubbish,” added Froch.

The former WBC, IBF and WBA champ then broke down the two main events, with Logan Paul getting the most praise out of anyone involved.

“Logan Paul can throw a punch,” said The Cobra. “He throws a bit of a wild and swingy punch, but he actually has a go. He’s looking for the body shot with his right hand. He was trying to kind of set a few shots up, but nothing really happened, nothing worked. And it was kind of him punching a body bag.”

“It was rubbish, it was one-sided, Logan Paul won fair and square,” he continued before slamming the chaos that ensued at the end of the fight. “It was like WWE, it was ridiculous.”

31.05.2014. Wembley Stadium, London, England. WBA and IBF Super Middleweight World Championship Carl Froch versus George Groves, Froch lines up Groves with a straight left and delivers the knock-out right in the 8th round xTrevorxPricex PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxHUNxSWExNORxDENxFINxONLY ActionPlus11527085
Carl Froch during his last ever fight, a 2014 title defense against George Groves. IMAGO/Action Plus | Carl Froch during his last ever fight, a 2014 title defense against George Groves. IMAGO/Action Plus, IMAGO

KSI vs. Tommy Fury called ‘diabolical’

“It gets even worse,” said Froch when moving onto KSI vs. Tommy Fury.

“The fight itself was absolutely f****** diabolical. It was so bad. It was crap. It was probably the worst fight I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t competitive. Neither of them really wanted to throw a punch for fear of getting hit back. I suppose KSI tried a little bit, but I don’t know what he was doing.”

“It wasn’t boxing,” continued Froch. “It wasn’t a boxing match. It was an absolute s*** show. It was rubbish. There was no technique. There was no skill. I’ve seen much better white collar fighters. At least in a white collar fight they stand and throw shots and try and hit each other with actual professional punches on the chin and on the body. These two guys were out of each other’s way. They were hugging each other. It was boring.”

Misfits Boxing ‘needs to end’

“I think this needs to end,” said Froch when talking about Misfits Boxing’s future. “I think this has to be the end of Misfits Boxing or the end of whatever it is they are doing. Because I don’t see how anyone feels they had value for money from that kind of performance.”

“I hope it’s going nowhere,” he continued. “I hope it’s hit a brick wall and this is the last we see of Misfits Boxing absolutely crap. Because that’s it is, I’m sorry.”

“I think the penny is finally dropping. I don’t think it’s dropped yet. But I think people are starting to realize this whole build up, this whole headbutting and punching the perspex screen, shouting and screaming at each other, chucking microphones, bringing boxing into disrepute, and then going in there and actually not being able to perform… it’s like going to a sold out football match for a Champions League Final and the referee blows the whistle and they guys can’t kick the ball, can’t sprint and can’t perform. Total anti-climax. Load of crap. It needs to end.”

When asked if he thinks he would ever get in on the cross-over boxing trend and take on a Logan Paul or a KSI, Froch produced a quality line.

“I’m not that lucky and their not that stupid.”

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