Logan Paul brings bodyguard Gordon Ryan out for Dillon Danis fight

Things are getting extra stupid between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis.

By: Zane Simon | 2 months ago
Logan Paul brings bodyguard Gordon Ryan out for Dillon Danis fight
Logan Paul at a 2023 Prime event. - Astrid Pedersen IMAGO/NTB

When’s the last time a boxer ever told his opponent that he wanted a bodyguard to protect him from them? For two men who are about to fight each other, it can’t help but seem like an incredibly strange move.

Nonetheless, after suffering a facial cut in a dust-up during a fight week media event for the Misfits Boxing ‘The Prime Card’ at the hands of Dillon Danis, it seems Logan Paul decided he needed a little extra protection just to make sure he can actually get to the ring okay on Saturday.

Logan Paul reveals Gordon Ryan to protect him from Dillon Danis

The weigh-ins for the Misfits celebrity boxing carnival sideshow event dubbed ‘The Prime Card’ went down today at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. There the stage was set for a cruiserweight boxing bout between YouTuber KSI and former Love Island contestant (and actual professional boxer) Tommy Fury. It’s in the co-main, though, that the bulk of the drama has been taking place, with Logan Paul and Dillon Danis once again meeting face to face after weeks of taunting and trash talk.

“I’m feeling beautiful,” Logan Paul told Ariel Helwani, ironically, from underneath a ski mask that entirely covered his face. “Dillon Danis is a coward; he’s a predator and I’m f*cking him up Ariel, I’m f*cking him up tomorrow.

“He’s a dirty-ass fighter. I got all the goons in case he tries anything funny. In fact, I got Dillon Danis’ kryptonite in the building. You know I got the baddest dudes in the world,” Paul continued, as if to concede he wasn’t one of them. “I got Gordon Ryan to protect me in case he tries any jiu-jitsu bullsh*t. This man gonna f*ck you up tomorrow if you try to pull some sh*t.”

Gordon Ryan says he needs Danis to clean his cars

As for why Gordon Ryan says he agreed to come out and be a prop for this ridiculous influencer beef? The multiple-time ADCC champion has had a long running feud with Danis, and it seems this was the perfect opportunity to throw a little more fuel on the fire.

“Really, I’m here just to retrieve Dillon, because I need someone to clean my cars, and he’s the one that usually does it. So I came all the way here just to retrieve him, to bring him back home to Texas.”

Playing moderator for the event, Ariel Helwani made a play to go and talk to Danis and get his feelings on the situation, but Paul intervened.

“Dillon ain’t got no thoughts. He’s f*cking braindead,” Logan Paul shouted, grabbing the mic.

To catch a predator?

The predator comments from Paul are in relation to accusations that Danis was involved in the hacking and distribution of sexually explicit material featuring Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal. Agdal has since filed a lawsuit against Danis, and received a temporary restraining order against the longtime Conor McGregor training partner. In another staged pre-fight prank, Paul brought out Chris Hansen of ‘To Catch a Predator’ fame to confront Danis over the allegations.

“He needs to be shut up,” Paul stated to the crowd during their Thursday media event. “I get to do it. He’s the coward, in fact. He’s resorted to attacking an innocent bystanding woman for this entire fight buildup. Dillon Danis is a stalker. You’ve got over 600 photos of my fiance on your phone. On your phone you have an entire gallery of a woman you’ve never met before. That’s weird, right? That’s not normal behavior.

“You’re a stalker, you’re a cyber bully. In fact, Dillon, you’re even a predator. You’re a predator, and this Saturday, October 14th, I’m gonna catch you. And, in fact, we brought an expert, because we are gonna catch you. I got my boy Chris Hansen, because this Saturday, October 14th, me and Chris Hansen are going to ‘Catch a Predator.'”

“Dillon Danis, that name sounds very familiar,” Hansen said, as Danis crowed about Hansen’s “tax evasion” charges (Hansen was charged with larceny in 2019 for bounced checks, but those charges were dropped). “I’m gonna need you to take a seat, right over there. Go ahead, take a seat.”

“I have no issue there, brother,” Hansen continued, after Danis told him to “go pay his taxes.” “You’re wrong again. See, this is why—I’ve been through the transcripts. You need to take a seat right there, because I’ve been going through the transcripts and I’ve seen some predatory behavior.”

From there, things quickly devolved, with Danis calling Paul a “pedophile,” and both men returning to trash talking and hyping up their fight.

The Misfits ‘The Prime Card’ goes down this Saturday, October 14th. I’d say it’s going to be a trash fire, but it’s already there.

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