Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis off? Jake Paul offers to step in to salvage fiasco

Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul missed weight for their bout on tomorrow's Misfits Boxing The Prime Card. Jake Paul offers to step in.

By: Nate Wilcox | 2 months ago
Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis off? Jake Paul offers to step in to salvage fiasco
Dillon Danis vs Jake Paul?

The build-up to tomorrow’s Misfits Boxing The Prime Card’s co-main event (happening tomorrow October 14, 2023 at AO Arena in Manchester, England) between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has been chaotic to say the least. There have been lawsuits filed by Logan’s fiancee against Danis for harassment, restraining orders, bottles thrown and now one last hurdle to clear before the bout happens…..or not.

Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul missed the weigh-in, says he won’t fight

Logan Paul has been expecting Danis to find some excuse to drop out of the fight because Danis dropped out of a scheduled January bout with Misfits Boxing main-main KSI at the last minute citing a “lack of preparation.”

As if hitting and cutting Logan Paul with a flung microphone at yesterday’s pre-fight press conference wasn’t enough, Dillon Danis is now claiming that Logan Paul missed the weigh ins and the fight is off.

“Fights off you missed weight,” Danis tweeted last night.

“The commission’s rules state that weigh-ins are between 10 and 11,” he added. “If you miss the 11 o’clock deadline, you’ve missed weight. I weighed in at 10:15, but Logan still hasn’t. The commission said that if he doesn’t arrive by the 11am deadline, the fight is off.

“He missed the weight, but then called Misfits and changed the rules to give himself an extra hour,” Danis continued. “We should be on an even playing field, he shouldn’t get special treatment. He’s already got more juice than Tropicana. He missed the weight, plain and simple. They’re trying to handicap me as much as possible.”

For his part, Logan tweeted (or X’d) himself stepping on the scales.

Will Jake Paul step in to face Danis?

Being a reasonable man, Dillon suggested an alternative: fighting Logan’s big brother Jake.

Jake Paul responded on X (formerly Twitter) saying, “I will always have my brother’s back. I chose not to respond to the puppet’s countless tweets as it would only amplify his harassment,” he tweeted on October 13.

“But make no mistake, if Logan needed me to step in, I would take great joy in knocking that maggot out. See you soon.”

Mike Perry vs Logan Paul?

If Danis does drop out, the expected backup opponent for Logan is UFC veteran and undefeated bareknuckle boxer Mike Perry (14-8 MMA, 3-0 BKFC). That is, to say the least a much tougher prospect for the older Paul brother.

Perry told TMZ, “I’m assuming I won’t be in the crowd, I’ll be in the back, I’ll be preppin’,” Perry explained, “and wait for their word to be like ‘Okay, it’s your time. Danis isn’t here.’ Whatever. Maybe we’ll know sooner. Maybe we’ll know a day or two before.

“Maybe Danis won’t go at all, who knows? I think he will. I think he will. Chael Sonnen thinks he will. But, Chael Sonnen also said he doesn’t think that Danis explained why he pulled out of the KSI Fight. I thought that he did say that he didn’t train, didn’t have a team. I don’t see him having a team right now, this time, either. He’s been all over the place, training differen places with random people.

“And my coach even said something to me today, ‘What if Danis comes and he needs help in the corner?’ And then I corner Dillon Danis?”

Perry also expressed a willingness to corner Danis, although he suggested if Dillon is really that under prepared maybe he should go ahead and step in.

“Yeah, sure,” Perry said when asked if he’d corner Danis. “I mean, I’d have to ask him, ‘I mean, maybe you just don’t do it, and I do it?’”

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