WTF – Fake martial arts master takes on whole crew in Vietnam

We've got quite a roundup this week led by a Vietnamese martial arts "master" with amazing "powers."

By: Victor Rodriguez | 2 months ago
WTF – Fake martial arts master takes on whole crew in Vietnam
♫I wanna take you for a riiiiiiiiiiiide…♫

It’s already a wild week in combat sports, with great boxing action, major MMA shakeups, and some weird influencer bouts. To break up some of the midweek monotony, we’re back with some more antics from the fringe of martial arts and combat sports.

It’s a delightful specimen on display this week, as we go all the way to Vietnam to check out a fake master doing some goofy antics.

Ballad of the fake martial arts master

Vietnam is a land of marvels. A rich and amazing history combined with a lovely and innovative people, it has flourished past a lot of the struggles and strife brought upon it in the 20th century. With that history comes a wide range of martial arts traditions. And since you’re reading this so far and have probably read other posts in this vein, you know that’s not what we’re gonna see. It’s fake master time.

Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique
Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique
Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique

Dawg, whut?

Turn slightly, and when the guy grabs your arm you just think real hard to launch him across the room. Are you sure, dude? Make no mistake: when I say across the room, that is not hyperbole in the slightest. Look.

Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique

Check out how thrilled that guy was to be chosen for the demonstration, and how utterly unmoved the guys up against the wall are. It makes things a bit confusing, are they in on the gimmick or not?

You don’t need a physics degree to know this is bunk. But this fake master has got a show to put on, and baby, you’re not leaving until it’s done.

Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique
Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique

This cat fascinates me more than anything else because of his inability to care not even one bit. Not a single iota of effort. You wanna be a fake master and peddle nonsense martial arts to impressionable audiences? That’s bad enough. But then on top of that you don’t even put in a bit of energy? Seems like the other guy is the only one engaging in theatrics as he tippy-toe moonwalks his way to the other guys.

Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique
Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique

Oh come ON, man…

Then there’s this bit, where he goes from fake master to funk master and connects with his inner groove.

Yes, it’s queued to the relevant part.

He puts all into it, feeling the rhythm of the night.

Fake martial arts master demonstrates his technique

Personally, I think he’s channeling Internet Demigod™ Duane.



I dunno, man. At least the no-touch guys put some flair and theatrics into it. This guy seems mostly checked out of the whole operation. You’re supposed to be putting on a show, and yet it’s all so bland. At the very least try to look cool while doing nonsense, like the Korean Systema guy.

It’s like he’s putting more love into not creasing or staining that suit than actually committing to the bit. Not great.


Time to get your wrestling fix. Simple premise: two men on the sand wearing skivvies, no nonsense. Loved this match, you see a fair amount of scrambles and a great reversal that leads to a nice finish.

I also got a chuckle out of the rando whose face pops up in an advert during the video. No idea who he is, he might be a promoter or something. This next bout has a few minor stalemates and front headlocks, but these guys don’t stop the hustle.

Here’s the last one, trapping the legs with the arm for the final sequence. Clutch.

Muay Thai Rewind

Check this out, it’s another older match from Live Muay Thai Guy that ends with a devastating body KO. Also, Diesellek and F16 are ace-level fighter names, it’s almost on the level of Brazilian rapper pseudonyms.

Sambo highlights

SAMBOFIAS comes through once again with recaps for days 1 and 2 of the Kyrgyzstan Youth and Junior championships. Lots of throws, scrambles and armbars.

Here’s Day 1:

And Day 2:

Test your might

Something amazing is happening in fighting game spaces this year, with King of Fighters XV being released last year, as well as a recent Guilty Gear entry. Tekken 8 is slated for released this upcoming January as well. But the two true OGs of the genre that helped it explode and go global have also had releases this year. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat have both had releases that garnered critical acclaim.

Sure, that’s not really relevant to combat sports. But this audition clip from America’s Got Talent featuring performers putting on a dance number as Mortal Kombat characters? Kinda martial arts related. So it counts. Sorta.

Check them out:

And it’s in the process of stumbling upon this that I realize I’ve referenced that franchise more than I expected. It’s not even my favorite fighting series. Doesn’t matter, these guys are dope, and I really hope they end up with a ton of success.

That’s all we’ve got in the keg this week, kids. Go watch that new Castlevania season, I’ve heard it’s outstanding and they’ve done Richter justice. Be more like Duane. And remember – you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.

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