ADCC 2024 details revealed, Gordon Ryan gives two unique proposals for ‘legacy’

ADCC 2024 details have been revealed, with Gordon Ryan's super-fight headlining the highly anticipated event.

By: Anton Tabuena | 2 months ago

The lead up to the biennial ADCC world championships in 2024 is already underway, with the official announcement for their major event just being made by organizers.

ADCC 2024 event details, poster

FloSports: FloGrappling ADCC World Championship, WM, Weltmeisterschaft Sep 29, 2019; Anaheim, CA, USA; Gordon Ryan (red) fights Lucas Barbosa (blue) during the ADCC World Championship at Anaheim Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports, 29.09.2019 10:01:45, 13442354, FloSports, Anaheim Convention Center PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xOrlandoxRamirezx 13442354
Orlando Ramirez / USA TODAY Sports / IMAGO

The promotion revealed the event poster, date, and venue, on Monday night, promising a bigger event and improvements from last year’s successful show.

ADCC 2024 will happen on August 17-18, and it will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Unlike most BJJ events, it looks like they actually plan to fill that arena and sell tickets, as according to the announcement, it will be “100% assigned seating” this time around.

They also plan to host an ADCC Youth Championship in the same week.

The official poster is below:

ADCC 2024 poster with BJJ stars Gordon Ryan, Yuri Simoes and others.

ADCC 2024 to be headlined by Gordon Ryan vs. Yuri Simoes

The ADCC 2024 headliner has also been made official, and as expected, it will be headlined by Gordon Ryan, who is the biggest star in the sport today.

After Andre Galvao had four ADCC super-fight title wins, and held the title from 2013 until he finally lost it in 2022 when he turned 40. After Gordon Ryan unseated the BJJ legend, it’s now his turn to defend his Super-Fight title against the reigning ADCC absolute champion in Yuri Simoes.

After losing in the second round of his 99 kg division, Simoes went on an incredible run at the open-weight division by beating BJJ stars Lachlan Giles, Nicky Rodriguez, Cyborg Abreu and Nicholas Meregali. He became the 2022 absolute champion to not only win his third ADCC title, but also earn the right to compete for the super-fight title that Gordon Ryan now holds.

FloSports: FloGrappling ADCC World Championship, WM, Weltmeisterschaft Sep 29, 2019; Anaheim, CA, USA; Garry Tonon (blue) fights Gordon Ryan (red) during the ADCC World Championship at Anaheim Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports, 29.09.2019 16:36:41, 13439480, FloSports, Anaheim Convention Center PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xOrlandoxRamirezx 13439480
Gordon Ryan beat his teammate Garry Tonon at ADCC 2019. Photo via Orlando Ramirez / USA TODAY Sports / IMAGO

Gordon Ryan gives ADCC organizers two unique proposals

In 2022, Gordon Ryan impressively won both the over 99kg division and a super-fight title match with Galvao to officially become a five-time ADCC champion. He recently revealed that he’s trying to surpass that performance to further cement his legacy.

Instead of just competing with Simoes to defend his title, he is proposing more unique twists to the organizers.

“I did the super-fight and the weight class last year. So what I’m trying to do is to get a second super-fight for Saturday with a big name, and have him count as an official medal. (But) I don’t know if they’re going to do that,” Ryan revealed in an interview with Luke Thomas.

“Because now I have teammates in the division,” Ryan explained. “I really want to leave the divisions for those guys, because when I competed against Garry (Tonon), it was like the saddest moment of my career, but at the same time, I need to build a legacy.”

If creating a new medal and super-fight isn’t permitted by ADCC organizers, Ryan says he has another unique thing planned for ADCC 2024 that can potentially one-up his achievements from 2022.

“So I’m pushing for Saturday and Sunday super-fights, but if not, I’m going to do the super-fight and I’m going to ask them to do +99 (kg) and under 99 (kg),” he said. “So two divisions, plus a super fight. I don’t know if they’ll let me do either of those, but let’s see.”

If I had to choose, the latter proposal sounds far more intriguing. Creating a random new medal and completely changing the set format for Ryan just seems like unnecessary favoritism from an organization, but trying to win a super-fight and two tournaments in the same weekend would be a far bigger test and an unmatched feat of greatness, if he’s successful.

ADCC 2024 qualifying tournaments have started

As always, apart from the Gordon Ryan vs. Yuri Simoes super-fight, there will be deep tournaments to determine new champions from each division. Those brackets will be filled with the best no gi grapplers in the world, composed of the winners of qualifying tournaments, and invites given out to BJJ stars and former ADCC champions.

The ADCC trials season has already begun, with the first five slots already being awarded to winners from the recent ADCC Europe, Middle East and Africa Trials, and five more coming up from this weekend’s stacked ADCC East Coast Trials.

Those trials can sometimes reach over 250 competitors deep per division, with these BJJ athletes having two days to battle it out and determine just one winner that will qualify from that event. We will cover that event live, so stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more on the ADCC East Coast Trials this week, and the following qualifying tournaments.

In the coming months, there will also be a West Coast Trials, another EMEA trials, and qualifying events from other regions such as the South America Trials and the Asia & Oceana Trials.

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