BJJ star Gordon Ryan leaks Jon Jones’ retirement plans after UFC 295

Jon Jones showed off his new training partner and suggested he might have a big advantage over Stipe Miocic at UFC 295.

By: Tim Bissell | 2 months ago
BJJ star Gordon Ryan leaks Jon Jones’ retirement plans after UFC 295
Gordon Ryan and Jon Jones via Instagram

Jon Jones enlists Gordon Ryan for UFC 295 prep

UFC 295 is slated to go down on November 11 in Madison Square Garden. The main event will see Jon Jones defend his UFC heavyweight title against former champ Stipe Miocic. The bout, which will be Jones’ first heayweight title defense, might be Bones’ last career fight.

With the former UFC light heavyweight champ eager to get his hand raised at UFC 295, he has enlisted some help from one of the world’s most elite BJJ players.

Gordon Ryan recently shared a pic of he and Jones on Instagram, showing that he was part of Jon Jones’ camp for UFC 295.

In response to that post, Jones wrote “Meanwhile Stipe over there preparing for a boxing match.”

This comes after Miocic revealed to Bloody Elbow that he was trying to land a boxing match before booking his bout with Jones.

Jones also took to X to share his excitement over working with the five time ADCC world champion. And, according to that tweet, sounds like Ryan showed Jones a thing or two.

“My boy, Gordon Ryan served me up a large hot piece of humble pie tonight,” wrote Jones. “It was exactly what I was looking for.”

Jones added that the experience “messed up” his emotions and that he may have trouble sleeping that night.

“Training with a 28-year-old phenom to fight a 41-year-old goat. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” continued Jones in another tweet. “The trenches is where I belong.”

Gordon Ryan posts that Jones is ‘getting ready to leave the sport at the top’

Ryan posted on Instagram again and this time made the Jones retirement rumors explicit.

“Another few days of work with the man Jon Jones. I’m looking forward to watching him put on a show for the fans and getting ready to soon after leave the sport at the top, on his terms, and unbeaten. What an honor to be a part of this camp.”

Is Jon Jones laying a trap at UFC 295

Official UFC 295 poster

Jon Jones is famed for his versatility in the cage, while never being heralded as the best in any one particular pillar of MMA. He’s made his career outfoxing more powerful strikers on the feet, squashing more credentialed wrestlers on the canvas and nullifying the BJJ of more accomplished black belts.

Given their career records to date, it’s not a hot take to suggest that Stipe Miocic (who has landed the second most strikes in UFC heavyweight division history) has more dangerous hands than Jones. So it seems smart that Jones is boning up on alternative ways to end a fight.

But putting that out on front street seems a little too transparent for Jones, doesn’t it?

Could this chatter be all a ploy to perhaps make Miocic overly cautious of the grappling game and maybe leave himself open for a surprise on the feet?

Remember, if there is an area of the game Jones is the GOAT at it’s probably strategy and game-planning exactly how to not just defeat, but also demoralize, an opponent.

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