Mike Jackson presses charges against Jake Shields after scuffle at UFC PI

Turns out Jake Shields didn't walk away from his 2022 altercation at the UFC PI scot free.

By: Zane Simon | 2 months ago
Mike Jackson presses charges against Jake Shields after scuffle at UFC PI
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While he still remains active on the coaching side of the combat sports world, Jake Shields has found most of his notoriety post-retirement for reasons outside of MMA. The former Strikeforce champion has become something of a social media celebrity in conservative political circles for his outspoken views.

Unsurprisingly, as a result, he’s attracted plenty of condemnation as well, even as he now boasts over 400k twitter followers. One of the men to make himself a vocal thorn in Shields’ side has been former UFC fighter Mike Jackson. A onetime opponent for CM Punk inside the Octagon, Jackson has been strong in his public shaming of former fighters like Jake Shields and Pat Miletich, who have used their notoriety to champion things like the January 6th pro-Trump incidents or executing “anyone who helps a child transition.”

Jackson’s antagonism apparently got far enough under Shields’ skin, that when the two met in person it was an ‘on sight’ situation.

“Can someone get this *********** off me?” Jackson could be heard asking the gathered crowd at the UFC Performance Institute, where he claims that Shields assaulted him without provocation.

The incident took place back in December of last year, with Jackson claiming afterward that he would be seeking to take legal action against Shields. For his part, in a statement to MMA Fighting, Shields claimed that he felt he had a case to make in court as well, over what he claimed was defamation by Jackson over allegations that Shields was a “nazi.” From there, things more or less went radio silent.

Mike Jackson Reveals Misdemeanor Charges for Jake Shields

Never one to avoid controversy, Mike Jackson is currently set to write the next chapter in another of his long running feuds. On Saturday, October 14th, Jackson is set to take on former friend and mentor Pat Miletich, in an MMA bout. While the 55-year-old Miletich returned to action in 2020 for a kickboxing bout against Michael Nunn, this will mark Miletich’s first mixed martial arts contest since retiring in 2008.

Jackson talked about his ongoing beef with Shields, where he revealed that there’s actually a bench warrant out for Shields’ arrest in relation to misdemeanor battery charges.

“He’s a piece of ****,” Jackson stated. “Jake Shields, I know somebody is going to tell you about this. You better be on your best behavior, you ******* coward. Because the man is looking [for you].

“He has a warrant out for his arrest because he’s a coward piece of ****. So he’s on the run essentially. He’s ducking and dodging the cops because they want to get him. The [district attorney] wants to get his ass real good. So that’s going to happen.”

MMA Fighting was able to verify that claim with Nevada court records, noting that the warrant was issued on September 21st, after Shields failed to respond to a summons for arraignment stemming from his altercation with Jackson. As Fighting also noted, officers typically will not, in fact, search for suspects in misdemeanor warrant cases, although Shields might face arrest if he finds himself dealing with the police in other circumstances, like traffic stops.

Mike Jackson Wanted to Box Jake Shields

Along with the revelation that a warrant had been issued for Jake Shields’ arrest, Jackson also noted that he’d tried to settle their score inside the ring. Much like his upcoming bout against Miletich, Jackson claims he’s never tried to avoid a fight with Shields, but in this case it sounds like he’s only intersted in keeping things standing.

“He’s pasting this narrative online that I’m scared of him and he whooped me,” Jackson explained. “First of all, the dude attacked me from behind like the coward piece of s*** that he is. Fine. He said he wanted to fight. I gave him terms to fight. We agreed to the terms of the fight, and then he jumped me from behind.

“He agreed to box me. Those are his words. OK, you agreed to box me, here are the terms. We do PRIDE rules, 10-minute first round, and every round after that is five minutes. There is no round limit. We go until someone quits or someone gets knocked out, and it will be on a pay-per-view stream and we split the profits—60 percent to the winner and 40 percent to the loser. He’s like ‘No, **** that, you’re a ******, I want to fight you UFC 1, bare-knuckle rules.’ You’re a ****** piece of ****.

“That’s fine, they’ve got a warrant out for your arrest, Jake Shields, you ******* piece of **** coward Nazi. They’re coming for you boy, you better watch out.”

Jackson vs. Miletich will take place on Caged Aggression 36: Bad Blood Night 2. The fight will headline the second of two back-to-back fight cards featuring a mix of amateur and professional MMA bouts and take place on Internet PPV, live from Davenport, Iowa.

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