Yordenis Ugas loses to Mario Barrios: Play-by-play and video highlights from Canelo-Charlo co-feature

Join us tonight for our play-by-play coverage of the Canelo vs Charlo co-main event featuring a welterweight title fight between Yordenis Ugas and Mario Barrios.

By: Stephie Haynes | 2 months ago
Yordenis Ugas loses to Mario Barrios: Play-by-play  and video highlights from Canelo-Charlo co-feature
Credit: Tom Hogan / Hoganphotos / IMAGO

Tonight’s Canelo vs Charlo mega card is a 12-fight extravaganza featuring not one, but two title bouts—even if one of them is an interim belt. That’s right folks, the WBC ordered Yordenis Ugas to face the former WBA (Regular) super lightweight champion Mario Barrios for the interim welterweight championship. But what do we know about the two men in the co-main event?


Yordenis Ugas is a Cuban Olympic bronze medalist and the last person to defeat Manny Pacquiao. He’s held titles at welterweight (Regular) and super welterweight, but has since lost the super welterweight belt in his last contest with Errol Spence, Jr.

Mario Barrios s an American professional boxer who held the WBA (Regular) super lightweight title for a little over two years before he met up with Gervonta Davis, who kindly removed it from him in the eleventh round via TKO. He would take a second, straight loss eight months later to Keith Thurman.

The rebound would come this past February in San Antonio where he would win the vacant WBC Continental Americas welterweight title. Known for power punching and aggression, Barrios will present quite a challenge for the more technical boxer that is Yordenis Ugas. Let’s see how their stats and accolades stack up:

Yordenis Ugas

  • Ranked No. 3 at welterweight (Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, The Ring and BoxRec)
  • 27-5 record with 12 knockout wins
  • Captured: WBA super welterweight belt, WBA (Regular) welterweight belt, Olympic bronze medal
  • Longest winning streak: 11
  • Current streak: 1 loss

Mario Barrios

  • Ranked No. 9 at super lightweight (The Ring)
  • 27-2 record with 18 knockout wins
  • Captured: WBA Inter-Continental welterweight belt, WBA (Regular) super lightweight title, WBC Continental Americas welterweight belt)
  • Longest winning streak: 26 wins
  • Current streak: 1 win
September 29 2023,Las Vegas,Nevadas,Nevada,T-Mobile Plaza,Yordenis Ugas,Mario Barrios,Boxen,Boxing,Weigh In Las Vegas Nevada USA Copyright: xTomxHoganx CaneloCharloWeighIn_Hoganphotos1875
Yordenis Ugas and Marrio Barrios. IMAGO/ZUMA Wire/Hoganphotos

Yordenis Ugas vs. Mario Barrios live play-by-play

Round 1

Ugas with a left jab to oprn the action. Ugas responds with a body shot then a left straight. Jab to the midsection for Ugas. Barrios working a jab. Ugas with a double left jab. Nice combo inside by Barrios. Ugas with a nice shot to the body. Ugas with a right-left that lands.

Left hook for Ugas just misses. Barrios with a stiff left. Double left for Barrios. Ugas with a jab up top followed by a shot to the midsection. Big right for Ugas. A left lands for Ugas as the round ends.

Round 2

Pawing left by Ugas answered with a hard combo by Barrios. Barrios with a left straight. Barrios with a nice left jab. Ugas answers with a quick right. Left to the middlle by Ugas. Ugas with a right. Barrios just misses up top with a big left.

Barrios working a nice left hook followed by a right gets through Ugas’ guard. Ugas with a nice left followed by a big overhand right. Left-right combo for Barrios. Left stright by Ugas. Big left hook just misses for Ugas. Barrios lands a big left that drops Ugas. Ugas makes it up just before the round ends.

Round 3

Both men exchange hard jabs and are finally getting a better pace established. Ugas fighting with urgency. Barrios working the jab and trying to advance. Ugas with a stiff combo.

Barrios working the body after going up top. Ugas answers with a counter right then a left straight. Ugas to the body with a right. Barrios with a good left. Nice counter left to the boudy by Ugas gets Barrios’ attention. Ugas swarms with three more big shots.

Barrios spins away and the two trade jabs. Barrios slips as the bell rings.

Round 4

Hard left for Barrios followed by a double jab. He has Ugas backed into a corner and is working the jab again. Left straight parts the guard of Ugas. Left jab is getting through for Barrios. Hard right for Barrios answered by a counter left. Uppercut by Barrios.

Left right lands for Ugas. Ugas moving forward as Barrios gets through the guard again with a big left. Hard right for Ugas. Hard left jab by Barrios is answered by a counter right by Ugas. Winging left just misses for Barrios. Big left uppercut by Ugas just misses. Round over.

Round 5

Barrios begins with the jab followed by a quick 3-punch combo. Ugas working his left jab but Barrios moving just out of reach. Ugas with the double jab. Hard right to the body by Ugas. Ugas working the double jab again. Barrios answers with a hard left.

Ugas working the jab as Barrios lands a big left to the body. Ugas with a big overhand right. Ugas with a pawing jab. Barrios working his jab followed by a sneaky right hook to the body. Ugas grazes Barrios with a big right. Barrios still working that hard jab. Nice combo for Ugas as Barrios sneaks in a jab as the bell sounds.

Round 6

Barrios with a hard left double jab that set up a big right that backs Ugas up. Ugas answers with a counter right. Ugas working his own jab. Barrios with a left hook to the body followed by a big right up top. Ugas with a nice right.

Barrios with a big right to the body. Ugas with a left that gets through. Barrios with a triple left jab. Ugas advancing with a high guard. Barrios with a left is answered with a left hook. Hard left by Barrios gets through. Ugas advancing but not throwing much. Left uppercut by Barrios lands. Ugas with a right hook gets answered by a big combo from Barrios as the round ends.

Round 7

Barrios gets the jab off followed by a left hook. Nice combination by Barrios as he backs up Ugas. Ugas with a left jab. Barrios with a quick one-two that gets through. Ugas with a nice combo of his own, but partially blocked by Barrios.

Barrios woirking the jabs up top and then with a quick shot to the body. Ugas with a one-two that just falls short. Ugas with a left to the body and a big right up top. Barrios with a one two that gets through. Ugas with a hard left answered by Barrios right that just glances off. Huge left misses for Ugas. Big counter right lands for Ugas as the round ends.

Round 8

Barrios with a combination up top and downstairs. Big combo by Barrios backs up Ugas. Ugas with a pawing jab. Barrios left jab gets through the guard of Ugas. Big left for Ugas. Barrios with a double left jab. Warning by the ref. for Ugas to keep his punches up.

Huge overhand right misses for Ugas. Barrios answers with two big lefts. Ugas with a counter left. Barrios with a nice left straight. Huge right by Ugas gets through. Left lands for Barrios answered by a counter right by Ugas. Nice left by BVarrios answered by a counter right by Ugas as the bell sounds.

Round 9

Barrios launches the left jab to start. Answered by a counter right by Ugas. Barrios with a combo to the body and up top. Ugas slowing down with his jab. Barrios is landing that left jab. Ugas with a double left that just grazes Barrios. Barrios with a quick left to the body.

Ugas with a big right . Good 1-2 combo from Ugas. Hard right gets through for Barrios. Left straight for Ugas. Big left lands for Ugas followed by a glancing right. Uppercut for Ugas gets through. Barrios with a quick 1-2. Left to the body by Barrios. Ugas with a big three-punch combo that backs Barrios up as the round ends.

Round 10

Round starts with the ref calling time to have the doctor look at Ugas’ right eye. Time in! Barrios with a big left. Ugas answers with a left jab. Double jab for Ugas as Barrios works the jab. Left to the body followed by one up top for Barrios.

Ugas working the jab up top followed by a right to the body. Barrios answers with a double jab. Ugas’ eye is almost swollen shut. Barrios with a quick combo. Ugas not answering as Barrios lands another left. Ugas throws a big left that misses. Barrios working the left jab. Ugas with a quick left. Barrios is landing a lot more with that left.

Barrios is landing that left at will. Ugas with a big left-right at the bell.

Round 11

Ringside doctor called back in to look at Ugas’ eye at the beginning of the round. Doctor clears him. Barrios immediately begins working the left. Ugas backing up as he throws a combo with a shot that goes low. Ref missed it. Barrios with a combo that gets partially blocked.

Ugas advancing but getting nailed with that left. Nice right by Barrios. Big combo for Barrios lands. Double jab for Ugas followed by a right hook. Ugas advancing again and throws another low blow. Ref. stops action to warn him again. Barrios with the left jab again answered by a hard right by Ugas. Biug left uppercut for Barrios answered by a counter right. Big one two for Ugas as Barrios flurries . Round ends.

Round 12

Ugas’ eye looks swollen shut as the ref once again calls time for the ringside doc. Doctor clears him. barrios immediately begins working the jab. The men are trading in the center as Ugas gets dropped. He beats the count but it’s clear he can’t see the punches coming.

Barrios is working combinations and chasing Ugas around. He manages to knock out Ugas’ mouth piece. Ugas retreating as Barrios advances with the left. Ugas loses his mouth piece again. The ref deducts a point from Ugas for spitting out his mouth piece.

Barrios resumes working the body and head with vicious lefts. Ugas with a big counter right. Ugas with a combo that gets through. Ugas with a huge left right combo. Barrios with a quick left-right. Big uppercut for Barrios. Barrios is going for broke with Ugas in the corner as the bell rings. Great fight!

Official Decision

Mario Barrios def. Yordenis Ugas via unanimous decision (117-108, 118-107, 118-107)

Canelo vs Charlo Quick Results

Main card

Preliminary card

Start date and time

Canelo vs Charlo goes down on Saturday, September 30, live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The preliminary portion gets underway at 5:30 p.m. ET | 2:30 p.m. PT, while the main portion starts at 8:00 p.m. ET | 5:00 p.m. PT.

Live streams

You can purchase and watch Canelo vs Charlo from Showtime. Other options including streaming services such as PPV.com and FITE TV. Tickets for Canelo vs Charlo are available via Ticketmaster. You can watch the FITE.tv stream below.

How much is Canelo vs Charlo?

On both Showtime and FITE the event costs $84.99. Prelims are offered for free on YouTube.

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