Logan Paul thinks Dillon Danis will use lawsuit to weasel out of fight

Logan Paul is expecting Dillon Danis to pull out of their fight on the Misfits Boxing Prime Card. This is how he thinks he'll do it.

By: Tim Bissell | 2 months ago
Logan Paul thinks Dillon Danis will use lawsuit to weasel out of fight
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Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis is scheduled for October 14

Influencer, pro wrestler, banned energy drink huckster and hobby boxer Logan Paul is due in the ring next month on the Misfits Boxing Prime Card. That card is scheduled to include KSI vs. Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis in the main event slots.

However, from the outset of the fight announcement Paul has stated his belief Danis will probably pull out of the fight (as he did when matched against KSI last year).

On Instagram Paul said he thinks Danis will use the recent legal action by his fiancé Nina Agdal to finagle his way out of the bout.

“This dude is whining on Twitter, talking about ‘they’re suing me, I’ve got lawsuits up the ass, I don’t know if I want to do this anymore,” said Paul (ht Dexerto). “Shut up stupid! Trying to use a completely unrelated lawsuit, that a woman is trying to hold you accountable for committing a federal crime because you stalked her ass and cyber bullied her as an excuse to pull out of the fight.”

Nina Agdal filed a restraining order against Dillon Danis

Nina Agdal sued and filed a restraining order against Danis last month, alleging Danis had publicly released private content from a hacked Snapshat account. In filings Agdal said a cybersecurity team discovered that her Snapchat and iPad device had their passwords changed without her knowledge in 2022. After those passwords were changed, Agdal claimed, massives amount of private and personal data were downloaded.

A New Jersey Court granted Agdal’s request for a restraining order against Danis, prohibiting him from sharing data which was acquired without Agdal’s consent.

Danis’ alleged release of hacked material came after months of Danis sharing images of Agdal online. Those images showed Agdal pictured alongside other men, some of whom were once in relationships with Agdal.

Danis’ online behaviour raked in unprecedented amounts of engagements on what was then Twitter (and is now called X).

Dillon Danis’ ‘trolling’ perpetuates dangerous ideas about women

Danis’ posts express a view that Agdal is not a person, but instead an object. And that her past relationships represent her being ‘used’ by other men, through sex. By claiming that Agdal has been used so many times, Danis is suggesting that her value (as an object) has decreased.

Because of her supposed decreased value, Danis sees this as a reflection on Paul’s lack of status and potency. Danis, and trolls like him, believe a man’s purpose is to attach valuable objects to their personas as a signal, to other men, that they are virile and important.

This way of thinking has existed for centuries in a multitude of cultures, including those which currently dominate the world we live in. These beliefs have formed a framework that encourages, permits and forgives men for abusing and killing women.

These beliefs are also a popular tool for manosphere ghouls, who seek to isolate men from women and gender-diverse people so, as a group, their outweighed ability to earn and influence our society can be harnessed and exploited for material gain.

In the case of Danis, his attempts to de-value Agdal as some sort of comment on Paul, may have ultimately started a process where he is de-valued to the tune of millions of dollars in settlement and lawyer fees.

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