UFC champ chases man with flamethrower, teaches stabbing techniques

UFC champion Sean Strickland has been pulling some dangerous stunts on Instagram.

By: Lucas Rezende | 5 days ago
UFC champ chases man with flamethrower, teaches stabbing techniques
UFC champion Sean Strickland has been pulling some dangerous stunts on Instagram.

The newly crowned UFC middleweight champion continues with the crazy antics on social media. Having already broken his belt and mended it with some duct tape—among other messy behavior—Sean Strickland is starting to take things to a dangerous level at the gym instead.

Sean Strickland chases man with a flamethrower

On Monster energy drink rep Hans Molenkamp’s official Instagram profile, a video shows UFC champ Sean Strickland chasing the the somewhat infamous businessman around the gym with an actual flamethrower, which ‘Tarzan’ even fires as he closes in on the man and laughs.

The video ends with the camera closing in on the Molenkamp’s arm, so people can see that the flames actually burned off some of his arm hair. All of this is (in)appropriately played to the sound of Metallica’s ‘Jump in the Fire’, from their 1982 debut album ‘Kill ‘Em All’.

Meanwhile, the post’s caption reads ‘I love the smell of burnt hair in the morning’, a play on the quote from the acclaimed 1979 war movie ‘Apocalypse Now’, in which Robert Duvall’s character Liutenant Colonel William Kilgore says the iconic line ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning’.

Check out the footage below.

Champ teaches neck stabbing techniques too

In a different video from Molenkamp’s Instagram, Sean Strickland wields a different weapon at the same gym. Though there is no fire involved this time around, the UFC champion is now giving some advice on how to properly use a knife to fatally stab a person in the neck.

This second video has more of a tutorial vibe to it, with Strickland acting like a teacher or coach of sorts as he explains his moves while making them.

Once again, you may check the footage below.

“Mind you, I’ve got a good jab. Right now, I’m about to fight a man. I know we’re going to fight. Right in the neck. F-cking fight is done.’ Strickland says, as he quickly stabs a punching bag. ‘I don’t need to f-cking grab the guy.’ Then he proceeds to stab it again a few more times.

Sean Strickland is known for remarks in bad taste

Sean Strickland is known for pulling strange stunts and making remarks in bad taste. Namely, the UFC champ has gone on record saying he doesn’t think women shouldn’t be allowed to vote or work and should stay in the kitchen. On another occasion, Tarzan also mentioned how he would like to be a serial killer, though he does not want to go to jail.

Strickland became a UFC champion earlier this month

Back at UFC 293, Sean Strickland became the new UFC middleweight champion when he defeated Israel Adesanya via unanimous decision, on September 10. The win put the 32-year-old on a three-fight winning streak, with a TKO victory over Abusupiyan Magomedov and a unanimous decision one over Nassourdine Imavov, respectively in July and January of this year.

The new UFC middleweight champ has not lost a fight since a split decision defeat to Jared Cannonier, back in December 2022. In fact, Sean Strickland ended that year on a two-fight skid before turning it all around in 2023, having also gotten knocked out by Alex Pereira in July 2022

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