Hitting The Links: Dana White roasts UFC exec for WWE goals, Israel Adesanya’s loss debunked

Here are the UFC and MMA stories you might have missed during the week, including a technical analysis of Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland, and Dana White roasting a UFC executive.

By: Tim Bissell | 5 days ago
Hitting The Links: Dana White roasts UFC exec for WWE goals, Israel Adesanya’s loss debunked

Debunking Israel Adesanya’s ‘off night’ – UFC 293 technical breakdown

Was it a masterful performance from Sean Strickland? Or something in the air? Or did Israel Adesanya just not show up? (link)

Tim: Another Miguel ‘master’ Class. Check this out for a deeper understanding of what happened at UFC 293.

Anton: Very interesting take, as Miguel discussed Israel Adesanya’s seemingly devolving style costing him against Strickland, as he has veered away from volume combos to just potshot counters through the years.

Two more cuts: UFC contender removed from fight and released from roster

A top 10 contender has just been removed from his fight and the UFC roster entirely. (link)

Tim: Derek Brunson vs. Uriah Hall in Misfits Boxing feels inevitable.

Zane: Tim, please don’t say things like that. That’s just an abysmal thing to consider.

Sean O’Malley has answer for Aljamain Sterling’s rematch plea

Newly crowned UFC champion Sean O’Malley is not interested in an immediate rematch with Aljamain Sterling. (link)

Tim: I thought Aljo wanted a break? Anyways, I want to see the rematch.

Zane: I mean, I get the reasoning. Sterling had a surprising amount of success as champ. But it really was a SURPRISING amount. This loss felt like it was always gonna happen, not sure he’s the kind of champ I need to see get an immediate do-over.

Anton: I don’t think UFC would want to risk a potential golden goose ending his title reign this early, so I don’t expect O’Malley to fight Aljo or even Merab next.

The best UFC fighter to never be champion

Dustin Poirier may be the greatest fighter to never wear UFC gold. (link)

Tim: If we’re talking all of MMA, I think we’ve got to include Fedor in this discussion. But just UFC, I think Poirier is a pretty good pick.

Zane: But we’re not talking all of MMA, so stop that. Poirier, Benavidez, Condit, even Gaethje with his recent win. There are a few good choices. I’ll stick with Joe-B for now.

Anton: Sorry Zane, I can muddy this up too. Since he technically qualifies, an all-time great like Wanderlei Silva deserves to be on that list. Hendo too.

Why is Dana White threatening to punish Dricus Du Plessis?

Here’s what Trent Reinsmith would have asked Dana White after UFC 293. He’s doing it here because he’ll never get an invite to do so in person. (link)

Tim: Fight when, who and how Dana White wants or suffer the repercussions. If only there was something fighters could do…

Dana White not loving UFC-WWE crossover talk

Could we see a whole new era of MMA & pro-wrestling crossover work? Not if Dana White can help it. (link)

Tim: He’ll love it if Ari tells him to.

Zane: Yeah, we’re 6-months away from seeing Dana White talk up some new WWE/UFC cross-branding moment.

Anton: LOL at Dana roasting a UFC executive. Epstein claimed the goal was to make every UFC fan a WWE fan and vice versa, and White shut that down instantly.

BJJ vs Sumo? Craig Jones and B-Team train with Sumo GOAT’s team

Craig Jones, Nicky Rodriguez and Haisim Rida visited the Miyagino sumo stable. Here’s why that’s a pretty big deal. (link)

Tim: More respectful and enthusiastic explorations of sumo. Love it!

Top UFC middleweight says Sean Strickland beat an ‘amateur’ to claim title

UFC middleweight contender Dricus Du Plessis reacted to Israel Adesanya’s loss at UFC 293 and sent a message to The Last StyleBender. (link)

Tim: DDP vs. Israel Adesanya is an all-time cringe match-up. And I don’t think they ever fight.

Zane: It will be very funny if Dricus Du Plessis and Israel Adesanya never fight considering the buildup they had to get to this moment.

Anton: I’m not a fan of immediate rematches, especially since Srickland handily won four rounds to one. So if Chimaev beats Costa easily, they should book him against Strickland for the belt, and just do a five round Dricus Du Plessis vs. Israel Adesanya bout for the next title shot.

Alex Pereira refuses to take credit for Sean Strickland’s UFC 293 win

Alex Pereira and Sean Strickland trained together, but ‘Poatan’ takes no credit at UFC 293. (link)

Tim: Lucas Rezende is bringing us Brazilian metal with this week’s round-up of Brazilian stories.

Sean Strickland’s coach reveals real ‘MVP,’ unexpected catalyst from UFC 293 title win

Sean Strickland’s coach Eric Nicksick reveals the real ‘MVP’ that led to their UFC 239 title win. (link)

Zane: If we get a dramatically less unhinged Strickland in the coming years, give this woman a Nobel prize.

WTF: Sketchy Ninja techniques at daycare for grownups!

Remember wanting to be a ninja as a kid? You don’t want that these days, man. You just don’t. (link)

Tim: Victor Rodriguez does it again, sends me down another YouTube rabbit hole.

Anton: I love these so much lol

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