B-Team wins tournament! – Sakuraba’s Quintet 4 team grappling – Full results, video highlights

Quintet 4 is back with several BJJ stars and fun team grappling action.

By: Anton Tabuena | 2 weeks ago
B-Team wins tournament! – Sakuraba’s Quintet 4 team grappling – Full results, video highlights

“The Gracie Hunter” Kazushi Sakuraba and his unique Team Grappling promotion returns on Sunday in Japan for Quintet 4. Joining the PRIDE legend and UFC Hall of Famer is a stacked roster of BJJ stars, with four teams battling it out in a team tournament format.

Involved in the event are the likes of Craig Jones and Nicky Rodriguez of B-Team, Gio and Richie Martinez of 10th Planet, along with Gregor Gracie and many others. The BJJ superfights on the card includes Saku’s son Taisei Sakuraba, and WMMA pioneer Mei Yamaguchi on separate matches.

The event happens in Yokohama, Japan, so set your alarms and join us Sunday morning at 5 a.m. ET for Quintet 4: Grappling Team Survival Match.

Below is everything you need to know about the unique team grappling event filled with BJJ stars.

UPDATE: B-Team defeated Team Polaris and Team 10th Planet to win the entire Quintet 4 tournament. Craig Jones shined once again, eliminating three men on his own in the finals match against Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet team. Check below for full results.

Team B-Team won Quintet 4.

Quintet 4 Rules

The four teams have a combined weight limit to adhere to. They will send their grapplers one at a time, with the goal of eliminating the entire team. You can only advance via submission, while draws eliminate both grapplers.

This Quintet ruleset makes for very fun action as it adds the element of strategy and varying weight discrepancies with the team format. Winners of matches stay on to compete longer, consecutively taking on multiple fresh opponents. This provides a different environment that allows top grapplers to shine and potentially eliminate several opponents (or the whole team), while also having good potential for nice upsets.

Heel hooks aren’t allowed to ensure less people get injured as teams advance in the tournament. Referees are also liberal with penalties to ensure people keep active.

Quintet 4 team rosters

New Wave out, B-Team in!

The original set up had John Danaher’s New Wave involved, but the entire team completely pulled out supposedly when one grappler became unavailable. The B-Team has stepped up to replace them on the event, and also expectedly mocked their former teammates for that move to completely drop out because of one person. The B-Team will have Craig Jones and their big name grapplers to complete the 5-man team, and will likely be the favorites to win the entire thing.

The B-Team Bulls roster: Craig Jones, Nicky Rodriguez, Nicky Ryan, Jacob Rodriguez, Jozef Chen.

Quintet 4 Team Roster for B-Team

Team Polaris

Team Polaris already won a Quintet event in the past, but their roster will be a bit different this time around. They will be taking on the B-Team on the opening round.

Team Polaris roster: Gregor Gracie, Tarik Hopstock, Owen Livesey, Santeri Lilius, Jed Hue

Quintet 4 Roster for Team Polaris

Team 10th Planet

Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet jiujitsu has been a staple of Quintet events, and will be bringing a pretty strong team again on this edition. They’ll have brothers Geo and Richie Martinez, along with PJ Barch as they take on Team Sakuraba in the opening round.

Team 10th Planet roster: Geo Martinez, Richie Martinez, PJ Barch, Kyle Boehm, Amir Allam

Quintet 4 Roster for Team 10th Planet

Team Sakuraba

Much like on the previous iterations, the 54-year-old Quintet founder and MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba will be competing at his event. They’ll naturally be underdogs on this event, but the massive Haisam Rida is probably their best hope at getting the upset against 10th planet.

Team Sakuraba roster: Kazushi Sakuraba, Haisam Rida, Tomoshige Sera, Daisuke Nakamura, Harry Grech

Quintet 4 Roster for Team Sakuraba

Quintet 4 fight card, full results, and highlights

B-Team def. 10th Planet by elimination [Team Finals]

Craig Jones (B-Team) vs. Kyle Boehm (10th Planet) ends in draw – both eliminated, 10th Planet loses

Craig Jones (B-Team) def. Geo Martinez (10th Planet) by armbar

Craig Jones (B-Team) def. Richie Martinez (10th Planet) by toehold

PJ Barch (10th Planet) vs. Nicky Rodriguez (B-Team) ends in draw – both eliminated

Amir Allam (10th Planet) vs. Jacob Rodriguez (B-Team) ends in draw – both eliminated

Taisei Sakuraba def. Masato Uchishiba by knee bar

Hakuri Ishiguro def. Mei Yamaguchi by knee bar

B-Team def. Team Polaris by Judges’ Decision [Team Semis]

Gregor Gracie (Polaris) vs. Craig Jones (B-Team) ends in draw (Decision to determine winner)

Santeri Lilius (Polaris) vs. Nicky Ryan (B-Team) ends in draw – both eliminated

Tarik Hopstock (Polaris) vs. Jozef Chen (B-Team) ends in draw – both eliminated

Jed Hue (Polaris) vs. Jacob Rodriguez (B-Team) ends in draw – both eliminated

Owen Livesey (Polaris) vs. Nicky Rodriguez (B-Team) ends in draw – both eliminated

Team 10th Planet def. Team Sakuraba by elimination [Team Semis]

Kyle Boehm (10th Planet) vs. Harry Grech (Saku) ends in draw – both eliminated

Geo Martinez (10th Planet) vs. Daisuke Nakamura (Saku) ends in draw – both eliminated

Richie Martinez (10th Planet) vs. Haisam Rida (Saku) ends in draw – both eliminated

PJ Barch (10th Planet) vs. Kazushi Sakuraba (Saku) ends in draw – both eliminated

PJ Barch (10th Planet) def. Tomoshige Sera (Saku) by Rear Naked Choke

How to watch Quintet 4

Quintet 4 starts Sunday, September 10, at 5 a.m. ET. It can be streamed live on FloGrappling in North and South America, and on DAZN for almost every other region.

Update: The full event replay can now be watched on FloGrappling.

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