Hitting the links: Dillon Danis gets served, UFC hates pillow fighting and more

Here are the UFC and MMA stories you might have missed during the week. This week there's Dillon Danis being a troll and the UFC not liking fun.

By: Tim Bissell | 2 weeks ago
Hitting the links: Dillon Danis gets served, UFC hates pillow fighting and more

UFC and MMA news comes at you fast, so you’re bound to miss a couple of things throughout the week. Have no fear, Hitting The Links is here. Below you’ll find links to the big (and under-the-radar) stories we published this week. Maybe you’ll see something you missed.

Dillon Danis sued by Logan Paul’s fiancee for hacking, harassment

Dillon Danis has been hit with a restraining order and lawsuit by Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. (link)

Tim: “Youre not your girlfriend. Youre not your house. Youre not your mink. Youre not even beach.”

Zane: Lol okay, Barbie. But also hell yeah, sue that dude.

Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury will be for a WBC belt, but not the one Fury holds

Tyson Fury’s WBC belt isn’t on the line against Francis Ngannou, so naturally, the WBC created a new one. (link)

Tim: I don’t need a belt to get up for this one. It’s a circus show and let’s just enjoy it for what it is.

Zane: I say bring more belts. Put a real nice Marks & Spencer on the line. Buy a fake UFC belt and fight for that. All the belts!

Anton: Apart from the silliness of WBC here, they kinda revealed that this “Riyadh championship” will be a regular part of Saudi Arabia’s continuous efforts to sportswash put on big money boxing fights.

Rising UFC star’s team hits back at Daniel Cormier’s ‘bulls—t narrative’

Daniel Cormier apparently got it completely wrong when he accused one of the top rising UFC stars of initially passing on a recent fight. (link)

Zane: File this under fighters and their camps being far far touchier than you’d expect.

UFC lawyers go after Pillow Fight Championship

Pillow fights seem way more fun than the UFC boss’ side project. (link)

Tim: This is rich, considering the UFC have tried to trademark a term we’ve been using at Bloody Elbow for years.

Zane: If they weren’t litigious, they wouldn’t be the UFC.

Anton: Is Dana annoyed that Pillow Fighting has been signing UFC fighters, and have a better product than Slap?

WTF: No-touch martial arts master gets KTFO’d

A classic from the world of no-touch martial arts, but this one’s got a lovely twist. (link)

Tim: WTF/What The Fight?! is that term, by the way. Vic sent me on a rabbit hole with this one.

Anton: UFC is jealous of Pillow fights AND Victor’s work!

That was the last straw – Ex-UFC champ Alex Pereira is sick of the disrespect

Former UFC champ Alex Pereira has had enough with the doubters. (link)

Zane: This is peak athlete mentality. Won a belt, conquered kickboxing, still focused on some dweeb on Twitter with a handle like xxXTapouTFanXxx who says his game ain’t shit. Oh and also Anthony Smith.

Anton: Hey, killers in the cage are allowed to get sensitive about the little things too.

Team Khabib blasts reports of $5M demand to face GSP

Khabib Nurmagomedov responds to claims about a supposed $5M request to face Georges St-Pierre in a grappling match. (link)

Zane: Even if he did ask for $5 million, why would that be a big problem. Hell I’d want $5 million to grapple GSP.

Anton: I’d take $1M to do it. Call me!

Trial date for UFC antitrust lawsuit revealed; Fighters respond to appeal

Unless an appeal turns things around, the trial date for the UFC antitrust lawsuit is set. (link)

Anton: This is really important news. And another BE exclusive.

Everybody wants to s—t on Pat Barry – Rose Namajunas explains missing coach at UFC Paris

Rose Namajunas showed up to UFC Paris without one of the cornerstones of her MMA training staff. (link)

Zane: Get a gym already Trevor.

Anton: Rose was hinting at her mental health not being great that whole camp too. 😞

Ex-UFC champ Tito Ortiz’s new restaurant gets brutal review

Tito Ortiz has a new business venture in his recently adopted home of Cape Coral, FL. (link)

Zane: Will the restaurant outlast his city council term?

Anton: Q Anon shirt business not selling anymore?

The UFC has an awesome trump card in the anti-trust case

How does the UFC limit future court challenges against its active business practices? Arbitration. (link)

Anton: Not sure how this is even legal… Also, allegedly Trump was also the trump card on efforts to put on the Ali Act before.

Sumo Stomp! 5 questions heading into the Aki Basho

Sumo’s aki basho starts this weekend. Here are my musing on what to look for during the latest grand sumo tournament. (link)

Tim: You ever watch MMA and think, hey those guys are too covered up? Well, sumo might be the sport for you.

Anton: lol, Tim

UFC threatens fighters who bet on bouts with fines, suspension or termination

The UFC announced a new partnership with ProhiBet to crack down on fighters and other insiders who may try to bet on fights. (link)

Tim: These new rules still miss the mark. If the UFC employed their roster or fighters and their coaches, then they could set about mandating what is acceptable behaviour for their organization. But they are trying to have their cake and eat it, too, here. They want to control fighters as much as possible, but while having the least amount of obligations to support those fighters.

Anton: Seems like another way to look like they’re doing something about a problem, when they likely can’t really enforce this properly.

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