UFC lawyers go after Pillow Fight Championship

Pillow fights seem way more fun than the UFC boss' side project.

By: Anton Tabuena | 3 weeks ago
UFC lawyers go after Pillow Fight Championship
UFC fighter Istela Nunes lands a shot. Photo via Pillow Fight Championship

The UFC doesn’t seem to be too happy with Pillow Fight Championship.

Soon after their professional pillow fights went viral, the world’s biggest MMA promotion sent out their lawyers to complain about Pillow FC’s logo and trademark application.

UFC objects to Pillow Fight Championship’s trademark application

As the on-going case with the Patent and Trademark Office shows, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has formally objected to Pillow FC’s trademark application, citing that it could cause “confusion” to have that kind of branding.

The NY Post was first to report on the news, with Pillow Fight Championship CEO Steve Williams telling the outlet that the UFC was being “ridiculous” with their claims.

To avoid escalating things with the multi-billion dollar corporation though, the upstart Pillow FC decided to adjust their logo.

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As seen on the photo above, the company’s original logo had “PFC” written in red, with “Pillow Fight Championship” lettering below it.

Could the similarities cause confusion from the UFC’s own logo? Pillow FC disagrees, but they still decided to make adjustments, changing it to orange to further differentiate it from the red that the MMA world leader uses.

Pillow Fight Championship logo was changed because of the UFC.

Pillow Fighting is way better than what Dana White is promoting

PFC has an interesting product. They’ve made specially designed pillows with grip handles, and have pretty straightforward rules designed to deliver action on these professional pillow fights. There are three one-minute rounds, with no pushing, grappling, or striking with anything other than the pillow. They also award extra points for knockdowns, spinning strikes, and showmanship.

While they typically feature competitors from various backgrounds — like models and influencers — they’ve also drawn in MMA fighters such as UFC strawweight and Pillow FC champion Istela Nunes, and UFC vets Marcus Brimage and Markus Perez.

All in all, professional pillow fighting seems to be a fun concept that’s not only getting attention on social media, but also with networks like ESPN’s “The Ocho” that recently featured the new combat sport.

We don’t know the factors involved in UFC’s decision to send lawyers over something seemingly trivial. But for what it’s worth, pillow fighting really seems to be a lot more interesting (and far less dangerous) than Slap fighting, which Dana White and the UFC have been trying to shove down MMA fans’ throats promote heavily these days.

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