UFC 293: Sean Strickland ‘assaults’ fan days before biggest fight of his career

Sean Strickland did Sean Strickland things in Sydney ahead of UFC 293.

By: Tim Bissell | 3 weeks ago

Sean Strickland claims he hit a fan

UFC middleweight title challenger Sean Strickland is in Sydney, Australia preparing to take on Israel Adesanya in the main event of UFC 293. Despite the biggest fight of his career being just around the corner, Strickland found time for some extra-circulars on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach area.

Strickland told Fox Sports Australia that he struck a fan in Bondi after a brief confrontation.

He told that outlet a man approached him and told him “Izzy is gonna f**k you up.” Strickland boasted that he responded to this with an uppercut to the gut.

“I’d only been in Australia a day and already I’d committed an assault,” he gloated.

Fox Sports Australia didn’t shy away from critiquing Strickland for his past and the act he puts on when the cameras are around.

“Initially, I thought the guy was coming up for a photo,” continues the man who was raised a white supremacist, reckons women belong in kitchens and has spoken openly, and more than once, of wanting a kill – either, inside the cage or out of it.

Fox Sports Australia

Fox Sports Australia got sucked into Sean Strickland’s game

The article with the Aussie outlet was hijacked by Strickland, who found an outlet willing to print his usual spiel and do the kind of hand wringing that has helped him climb the ladder of MMA relevancy. Here’s a few of the soundbites he gift-wrapped for them.

“Because anybody who wants a photo, man, I love the fans. But if you wanna come up to me and run your fucking mouth, I’ll smack you like I smack anybody else.”

“Colby [Covington] is one of those cunts who, he’s fake. Everything about him, it’s this fictitious character he created to make money. And look, we all do it. There is an element of WWE in fighting. But Colby is a soulless, spineless man who would fucking sell his arse if it made him a dollar.”

“You are the definition of a weak man, Colby. And you’re a definition of the weak society we’re going to.”

“Izzy is authentic. He paints his nails, is very authentic to what he is. He’s just another guy with a lot of money who is trying to be a superstar.”

“I was in the airport once and took a picture with some guy and he thanked me. He said ‘man, I just did the same with Izzy and he was such an a. hole, he wouldn’t even shake my hand’. People care about the perception we give off. And the perception Izzy gives off is that he’s a superstar. He’s stuck up. I’ve heard people inside of the (UFC) organisation say, out of the organisation.”

“In America we had this president Andrew Jackson, he’s copped some heat for being a questionable president but I fucking love the guy. Somebody implied once the guy’s wife was a whore. Just implied it. He duelled him to death.”

UFC 293 is this Saturday

Sean Strickland’s reward for being such an outlandish and outspoken character comes this weekend with a main event pay-per-view slot opposite one of (if not the) biggest draws in the company.

Before Adesanya defends his title against Strickland, UFC 293 will host Tai Tuivasa vs. Alexander Volkov, Manel Kape vs. Felipe dos Santos and Tyson Pedro vs. Anton Turkalj.

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