Past vs. Future? Watch Conor McGregor and Ian Machado Garry in sparing between Irish UFC stars

The fading UFC legend Conor McGregor and the rising UFC star Ian Machado Garry met on the mats for some friendly sparring.

By: Nate Wilcox | 3 weeks ago
Past vs. Future? Watch Conor McGregor and Ian Machado Garry in sparing between Irish UFC stars
Video capture

Is it a passing of the torch moment or just a friendly sparring session between UFC legend Conor McGregor and rising star Ian Machado Garry? Let’s take a look.

Conor McGregor and Ian Machado Garry enjoy sparring session

The old lion (Conor McGregor) might be on a downward spiral of embarrassment, empty talk and no wins in the cage in the current decade and the young lion (Ian Machado Garry) may be on the rise, riding a winning streak and full of big plans to headline the next UFC Dublin, but when they meet on the mats it was all in good fun.

According to MMA Mania the video was shot at Straight Blast Gym Ireland (SBG Ireland) in Dublin.

Mania summarized the action as follows, “The short video comprised Garry landing several leg kicks on McGregor, including a hard body kick. Meanwhile, McGregor didn’t do much in the clip except throw a spinning wheel kick that obviously did not land.” Kinda harsh on Mystic Mac don’t ya think, Maniacs?

The sparring session either preceded or followed a dinner out at The Black Forge Inn in Dublin that McGregor shared on his Instagram.

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