Graphic: MMA fighter suffers the worst leg break at Combate Global 

MMA fighter Dylan Reischman has suffered one of the worst leg breaks we have ever seen.

By: Kristen King | 4 weeks ago

MMA fighter Dylan Reischman suffers nasty leg injury

MMA fighter Dylan Reischman was excited for his first professional fight at Combate Combate Global: Ferreira vs. Morales this past Saturday. He said it was the one to watch — and it was. For all the wrong reasons, though. 

Halfway through his fight against Jamie Mora-Muñoz, the 21-year-old was defending a takedown attempt along the fence. It was going well for Reischman, who stayed up for most of it until Mora-Muñoz decided a different way to get him down. That was when the ‘Gentleman’ lifted Reischman and started to slam him, but it came at a cost. Unbeknownst to Mora-Muñoz, Reischman’s leg was caught underneath him, so when he completed the slam, it snapped immediately. 

Screenshot of MMA fighter Dylan Reischman's injury at Combate Global.
Screenshot of MMA fighter Dylan Reischman’s injury at Combate Global | Credit goes to X user Pelunaton

Reischman started tapping and signaling to the referee that his leg had snapped. The fight was waved off, and the fighter was stretchered out of the cage. 

You can watch the video here, courtesy of X user, Pelunaton.

Warning: Video below is graphic. Please proceed with caution. Actually, please proceed with extreme caution because what you are going to see and hear is horrific. 

Dr. David Abbasi gives us the rundown on Reischman injury

To give us some insight on what happened to MMA fighter Dylan Reischman, Dr. David Abbasi — a renowned orthopedic surgeon — gave his thoughts on what is a ’super rare’ injury.

“Super rare and severe injury on this one,” said Abbasi. “When this guy gets thrown, his leg gets stuck behind him and that point to the front of his side, that is a broken femur, folks. This point right here [Abbasi points to a still of a protruding bone above the knee] is what I’m talking about. This is one of the end of the femur bone, sticking right below the skin.

“This is very serious, going to require surgery, which includes inserting a rod on the inside of the bone,” continued Abbasi. “The good news is once that rod is in there, usually these are structurally sound, so he can start walking on it right away in rehab. Hopefully [he] makes a full recovery.”

Reischman provides an update after surgery

We do have some good news to report regarding MMA fighter Dylan Reischman who shared an update from a hospital following his surgery. 

“Thank you everybody for all the support and prayers, it seriously means the world and has already made this adjustment a lot easier,” posted Reischman on Instagram. “My surgery went great. I’m gonna be mobile on crutches tomorrow and can start training again in four months, which was honestly a lot sooner than expected. 

“This is just the beginning guys,” continued Reischman. “I’m not deterred from my dreams in the slights. Freak accidents happen in the sport. It is what it is. God bless.”

Reischman was also in good spirits after seeing former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira send him some well wishes after he saw the injury on X.

Prior to this injury, Reischman was 3-1 as an amateur with three finishes on his résumé. 

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