UFC Paris reader picks: Rose Namajunas’ striking the key

UFC Paris is live today. Here's who the Bloody Elbow readers think will win tonight.

By: Tim Bissell | 4 weeks ago
UFC Paris reader picks: Rose Namajunas’ striking the key
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The UFC is in Paris today with a card headlined by heavyweights Ciryl Gane and Serghei Spivac. Before the big boys throw down Manon Fiorot will take on her biggest test in the Octagon, in the form of ex-champ Rose Namajunas.

Before those fights, the card represents a showcase of up and coming French talent including Benoit Saint-Denis, William Gomis and Morgan Charriere.

The BE staff has looked at all these match-ups and made our picks. Now it’s time for the readers to do the same. Read below to see who the BE readers think will win tonight. There’s also extra analysis from reader Jahmelianenko.

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UFC Paris reader picks

Ciryl Gane vs. Serghei Spivac

image 1

Readers’ pick: Ciryl Gane (94.1%)

Jahmelianenko: Ciryl Gane. While Spivac has an obvious grappling advantage, his wrestling is actually very limited. Gane has many flaws, but moves incredibly for a heavyweight. Expect him to stay at range and progressively work over Spivac until a late attritive TKO.

Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas

image 2

Readers’ pick: Manon Fiorot (52.9%)

Jahmelianenko: Rose Namajunas. Fiorot is a physically dominant, dangerous fighter, but has largely been reliant on pressure and pace. Namajunas has the striking technique to stay on the outside and work her range tools effectively, although mindset and motivation are always in question for Rose.

Benoit Saint-Denis vs. Thiago Moises

image 3

Readers’ pick: Benoit Saint-Denis (82.4%)

Jahmelianenko: Benoit Saint-Denis. Saint-Denis is a little unpolished, but he’s very aggressive and well rounded. Moises is the type of fighter to relinquish the initiative and let him lead the dance.

William Gomis vs. Yanis Ghemmouri

image 4

Readers’ pick: William Gomis (64.7%)

Jahmelianenko: William Gomis. This could very well be an awfully dull decision. Gomis is mostly a neutraliser and both fighters are limited, but Gomis is the natural featherweight and should be able to do enough.

Volkan Oezdemir vs. Bogdan Guskov

image 5

Readers’ pick: William Gomis (82.4%)

Jahmelianenko: Volkan Oezdemir. Oezdemir is clearly the more technical striker, but struggles at times with his seeming refusal to take over the fights he should be able to. Oezdemir has mixed results against very tough competition, but this match up should allow him to put on a confidence rebuilding performance.

Nora Cornolle vs. Joselyne Edwards

image 6

Readers’ pick: Joselyne Edwards (76.5%)

Jahmelianenko: Joselyne Edwards. For an experienced fighter, Edwards is a technical mess and relies heavily on her size and power, but Cornolle has similar limitations and is unlikely to be the opponent to exploit the holes in Edwards’ game.

Ange Loosa vs. Rhys McKee

image 7

Readers’ pick: Rhys McKee (52.9%)

Jahmelianenko: Ange Loosa. Rhys Mckee is skilled and tough, with an exciting style, but is severely lacking in athleticism. Loosa is solid everywhere and durable enough that he should be able to take advantage of this deficit and grind out a decision.

Morgan Charriere vs. Manolo Zecchini

image 8

Readers’ pick: Morgan Charriere (70.6%)

Jahmelianenko: Morgan Charriere. Although his record is unimpressive, Charriere has a lot of experience for his age. Zecchini has some good power, but given Charriere has never been finished, I expect him to do enough to get his hand raised.

Farid Basharat vs. Kleydson Rodrigues

image 9

Readers’ pick: Farid Basharat (82.4%)

Jahmelianenko: Farid Basharat. Rodrigues is a great athlete with a fun style, but showed really questionable fight IQ against CJ Vergara. It’s very difficult to predict how Rodrigues will look up a weight class, but Basharat should be able to avoid the big shots and use his wrestling and disciplined striking to take a decision.

Zarah Fairn vs. Jacqueline Cavalcanti

image 10

Readers’ pick: Jacqueline Cavalcanti (82.4%)

Jahmelianenko: Jacqueline Cavalcanti. It’s possible for Fairn to rely on her size, physicality and pressure here, but Cavalcanti is clearly more skillful and the better prospect. She is relatively untested, but I believe in her potential much more than Fairn and expect to see significant improvement fight to fight.

Taylor Lapilus vs. Caolan Loughran

image 11

Readers’ pick: Tayor Lapilus (58.8%)

Jahmelianenko: Taylor Lapilus. Loughran is an interesting prospect, but Lapilus is a big step up compared to the competition he has been facing. Lapilus should have the sharper striking, with the experience and durability to hand the newcomer his first professional loss.

Which fighters win Performance of the Night?

image 12

Readers’ pick: Ciryl Gane (52.9%), Benoit Saint-Denis (47.1%).

Jahmelianenko: Ciryl Gane. I think he can keep the fight standing and frustrate Spivac into overextending himself and land one huge shot for the finish.

Which fight wins Fight of the Night?

image 13

Readers’ pick: Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas (41.2%)

Jahmelianenko: Benoit Saint-Denis vs Thiago Moises. Saint-Denis is aggressive and committed to pressure. Moises is vulnerable to pressure, but could easily have a great fight forced out of him.

Which fight are you most excited about?

image 14

Readers’ pick: Manon Fiorot vs. Rose Namajunas (47.1%)

Jahmelianenko: Farid Basharat vs Kleydson Rodrigues. Probably the most combined, as yet unrealised potential going forwards. Also just a potential barn burner unless Basharat relies heavily on his wrestling for control.


Christophe remains in poll position, but below him a couple of pickers had some great records for UFC Singapore. Adam Law and Tommy both scored 10-2 and Just Simon picked up an incredible 11-1 record.

PositionCommunity MemberCorrectIncorrectTotal Picks%Week 21 RecordBonus Points
2Adam Law1541142680.57510-214
4Just Simon1511172680.56311-111
5Luke G1491192680.5569-311
11Sensei Scott72831550.4650-06
12Arran D67391060.63210-38
13Mark S65621270.5120-07
18Chong Li3611470.7668-41
19Fishtown Simon3020500.6000-03
20Benjamin Thornton2935640.4530-01

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