Update: More details on Dana White break-in attempt

A man looks to have failed to break into UFC President Dana White's house.

By: Anton Tabuena | 1 month ago
Update: More details on Dana White break-in attempt

Dana White used social media and a cash bounty to find a man who allegedly tried to break into one of his houses.

The UFC President says he mostly stays in his mega-mansion in Las Vegas or at the UFC headquarters nearby these days, but apparently someone tried to break into one of his other properties on the other side of the country.

UFC’s Dana White offers reward to identify man on video

Dana White posted a surveillance video on his Instagram stories, showing a man repeatedly trying — and failing — to kick down a door. According to the UFC President, that video was captured from one of his other houses in Levant, Maine.

White offered a $2500 reward to help identify the man seen on the CCTV video.

“2500 dollars to the first person to let the police in Levant know who this Moron is,” White wrote.

In a follow up post that shows a clearer picture of the man, White wrote, “This f—kface just tried to kick my front door in Levant, Maine. I will 2500 dollars to the first person to let the police know who he is.”

Bounty leads to quick arrest: “They got em”

It didn’t take long for White’s bounty to lead to an arrest. Soon after his social media posts, the UFC President announced and celebrated the man being apprehended.

“Thanks to law enforcement in Levant!! Appreciate u guys,” White wrote in a follow up post. “They got em. Thanks to everyone that called and helped.”

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Penobscot Sheriff’s office confirmed with TMZ that the suspect is already in custody and that “everybody is safe.”

Update: Dana White warns people about his houses

White addressed this on Tuesday night, and offered up more details.

“Do you f—king think that you’re going to break into my house, and there’s no cameras at my house, you f—king idiots?” White said about the incident. “I’m assuming the guy was breaking in to try and rob the house. My sister and her husband and some of his friends are up there visiting right now.

“The guy came up and tried to kick the door in a couple of times, and then noticed the camera was there. (He) tried to rip it off, and rang the doorbell, (then) freaked out and ran away,” he said.

“My guy who handles my house up there called me at like 4:30 in the morning his time, and I’m like ‘uh oh, something is going on up there’,” White continued. “He said ‘somebody just tried to kick your door and rob your house or do whatever. We got video footage and the police are going to post it in the morning.’ I said ‘yeah, f—k that. Send that to me right now.’

“The dude woke up and was famous the next morning. The Levant Sheriff up there, they had him within a few hours,” White said. “Listen, whether you’re in Vegas or anywhere else, don’t f—k around my house. Good things are not going to happen to you around my house, I promise you that.”

UPDATE 2: Police give more details on arrest

Following the news that a suspect had been detained in connection with the failed break-in attempt, officers in Levant, Maine have released more details on their suspect to the media. ABC reports that the alleged house breaker was a 23-year-old. The report adds that the arrest was made, thanks in part to the video of the incident released by Dana White. Likely those efforts were aided by the fact that Levant has a reported population of less than 3,000 people.

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