UFC champ Jon Jones admits he keeps thinking about Stipe Miocic, even during sex

UFC champ Jon Jones may be a little too focused on Stipe Miocic.

By: Anton Tabuena | 1 month ago
UFC champ Jon Jones admits he keeps thinking about Stipe Miocic, even during sex
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UFC champ Jon Jones just shared some information that we didn’t really need to know.

Ahead of their UFC 295 bout this December, Jon Jones spoke about his extreme focus on Stipe Miocic, and the anxiety involved in his first ever UFC heavyweight title defense.

“The way I look at anxiety, it just means that you care about the outcome and how you perform, and how you’re perceived,” Jon Jones said in a preview video of an appearance with the Overdogs podcast. His next lines after got a little bit NSFW.

UFC champ Jon Jones says Stipe Miocic crosses his mind even during sex

“I feel like when you get to a place when you don’t feel anything is probably when you should hang it up…At this point, I still get really nervous, man. I have nightmares about my opponents. I could be balls deep in some mmm mmm [laughs] and Stipe will cross my mind.”

Jon Jones’ TMI admission has been deleted

The quote above was transcribed by MMA Junkie, but the original video has since been deleted. A new preview video has since been released, trimming the parts that were TMI.

It’s yet to be seen if it’s been edited out of the full podcast episode as well, but this is what’s left on their new preview video:

“I have nightmares about my opponents… Stipe will cross my mind.”

Jon Jones believes he’s ‘designed’ by god to never lose

In the clip, Jones is also seen repeating that he genuinely believes that he is destined to go undefeated in his career.

“I honestly believe that I was born to fight. I really believe it in my whole heart. Some people think that’s silly, but I think a lot of great athletes — people are really good at what they do, and it’s more than just what they can do in the gym. It’s something that starts way before,” Jones said.

“I honestly have convinced myself that I’m not designed to lose.”

Jones said something similar in the past, saying that he was “chosen by god himself to be an undefeated fighter.”

I’m not sure which god is that big a fan of combat sports, but Matt Hamill might have something to say about his work.

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