Hitting the links: Sean O’Malley and Andrew Tate, Khabib’s hefty price-tag and Dim Mak

Here are the UFC and MMA stories you might have missed during the week, including Sean O'Malley's Tate-fixation, Khabib vs. GSP and the secret art of Dim Mak.

By: Tim Bissell | 4 weeks ago
Hitting the links: Sean O’Malley and Andrew Tate, Khabib’s hefty price-tag and Dim Mak
Sean O'Malley at UFC 292. IMAGO/USA TODAY/Bob DiChiara

UFC and MMA news comes at you fast, so you’re bound to miss a couple of things throughout the week. Have no fear, Hitting The Links is here. Below you’ll find links to the big (and under-the-radar) stories we published this week. Maybe you’ll see something you missed.

Sean O’Malley jokes about Andrew Tate with one-way open relationship claims

Sean O’Malley has a lot to say about his ‘open relationship’, and why he’s the only one that gets to sleep around. (link)

Tim: I highly recommend people check out Behind The Bastards and their series on Andrew Tate.

Zane: Honestly, all the vibes about O’Malley’s ‘open relationship’ comments are bad. Pinning it all on money is such a lame excuse for being selfish.

Anton: O’Malley knows his market in MMA, I guess.

WTF: Witness the power and glory of this Dim Mak death touch ‘master’

This week, we delve into the evils of Dim Mak, otherwise known as the “death touch”. Only thing that needs to die is the myth of it. (link)

Tim: Vic is back with the weirdest tales from martial arts and combat sports.

Zane: The real death touch is the time we shared together.

Conor McGregor? Tony Ferguson still has big plans

Tony Ferguson isn’t about to go gentle into that good night. (link)

Tim: I don’t think either of these guys need to be fighting.

Stephie: Conor is never fighting again.

Zane: Ferguson definitely is.

Anton: It’s funny how Conor goes from claiming he’s still the best, to now just calling out KSI and the shell of Tony.

Sean O’Malley’s 1st UFC title defense should be obvious

The King is dead. Long live the king, Sean O’Malley. (link)

Tim: I like O’Malley vs. Merab personally.

Stephie: I’m with Tim. Merab or bust.

Zane: I hate to say it, but I actually want to see the Chito rematch more.

Why Sean O’Malley will likely never make ‘Conor McGregor money’

Sean O’Malley might be a superstar in the making but will he ever get paid like one? (link)

Tim: ‘Conor McGregor money’ is a thing of the past. Maybe we’ll talk about ‘Francis Ngannou money’ in the future, though.

Anton: What we know for sure is that Sean O’Malley is going to make the UFC a LOT of money.

Ian Machado Garry almost imitated Conor McGregor all the way to jail

Ian Machado Garry was threatened with arrest by Boston PD before his bout at UFC 292. (link)

Tim: This ‘homage’ is getting pretty tired.

Stephie: Ian is so talented. It’s too bad he feels he can’t forge his own way, instead opting to emulate someone else.

Sumo report card: No grade high enough for Hoshoryu

More grades for the wrestlers who took part in sumo’s Nagoya basho. This time I’m looking at the best of the best. (link)

Tim: What do I need to do to get you into the honbasho today?

Jake Paul vs. Canelo Alvarez might actually happen and I’m into it

Canelo Alvarez vs. Jake Paul is too fun to turn down. Will it happen? Maybe. Just listen to what Canelo said about it. (link)

Tim: I think the cross-over stuff is not altogether awful and can be quite fun (when you don’t take it too seriously). Sue me.

Stephie: Tim clearly just wants to see Jake Paul do his best impression of a bear skin rug.

Zane: Look, man, I’m not into snuff films.

UFC antitrust update: Zuffa hopes to appeal class action ruling

John S. Nash breaks down all the details from the recent status conference on the UFC antitrust lawsuit. (link)

Tim: More top analysis from the leading expert in this arena.

Zane: The biggest story in combat sports right now.

BJJ world champion arrested on multiple rape and robbery charges

A BJJ world champion has reportedly confessed to multiple counts of rape and robbery in Brazil. (link)

Tim: A truly sickening story here. It doesn’t bring us any joy to report on this kind of thing. But we feel an obligation to show all sides of combat sports so readers/fans know what’s happening and can make choices regarding their patronizing of various athletes and organizations.

Anton: Sigh.

Why Khabib Nurmagomedov won’t be grappling Georges St-Pierre this December

Georges St-Pierre vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov sounds like a dream fight. (link)

Zane: I’ll admit, Maia vs. GSP doesn’t really have that sizzle to it.

Anton: It was worth a shot, Khabib lol.

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