Jacked former UFC champ admits using banned ‘vitamins’ ahead of fight

Will the former UFC champion's surprising admission on his jacked physique backfire?

By: Anton Tabuena | 4 weeks ago
Jacked former UFC champ admits using banned ‘vitamins’ ahead of fight
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39-year-old former UFC champion Junior dos Santos is still competing, and he now looks even more jacked than his younger days.

After 12 years and 23 fights with the UFC, roughly half of which was under USADA’s strict anti-doping policies, Dos Santos says he is now enjoying his time outside the testing pool. Surprisingly, the former UFC heavyweight title holder just openly admitted that his new physique can be attributed to using prohibited substances.

It wasn’t the fountain of youth, it’s just banned “vitamins.”

Former UFC champion admits to using banned substances

“I’m putting in great work, and right now that we’re not going through USADA it’s been great,” Dos Santos told Morning Kombat about his jacked physique. “Like I can take my pre-workouts, I can take my (fat) burning, I can take all the supplements that I couldn’t before. It’s been great. I’m feeling great, I’m eating good.

“I’ve always taken care of my health. I was always in great shape,” Dos Santos said. “But right now, that we are able to not (have) a problem using our vitamins, our supplements, everything, it’s a different thing. And then you can see the result. Here you have a virgin body right here, so whenever you give it something good for it, it’s going to react right away.”

Junior dos Santos looks pretty jacked

Here’s just some of the photos the former UFC champion has been posting on social media as of late:

Dos Santos is currently set for a rematch (in bareknuckle MMA) against a fellow former heavyweight UFC champion in Fabricio Werdum, who has also been looking a lot more ripped than his younger days.

Dos Santos was tested 48 times by USADA during his UFC tenure. He was flagged once in 2017, but the drug test failure was deemed unintentional due to a tainted supplement. His opponent in Werdum was suspended in 2020 for testing positive for anabolic steroid trenbolone.

Could Junior dos Santos’ admission get him in trouble?

USADA has its problematic issues, especially when it comes to supposedly independent contractors giving up their location and privacy at all times. Personally, I also can’t really get mad about a 39-year-old fighter (or in Werdum’s case, 46) taking a little extra to compete in random regional shows against fellow aging veterans that are likely doing the same.

Personal opinions aside though, rules are rules, and athletic commissions may not test as much or as well as USADA, but they do have the same prohibited list of substances. Anything the former UFC champion is taking that he knows to be banned in USADA, will still be banned everywhere, so saying the quiet thing out loud may not be the smartest idea.

Perhaps the former UFC champion has somehow obtained exemptions for each of those substances, or maybe it’s all out of his system by now. Either way, Dos Santos boasting about his “virgin body” reacting well to all the banned “vitamins” is only inviting the athletic commission to up their game and test him more than they initially planned.

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