UFC Singapore reader picks: ‘It’s showtime for Rinya Nakamura’

See who the Bloody Elbow readers think will win at UFC Singapore, Max Holloway or The Korean Zombie?

By: Tim Bissell | 1 month ago
UFC Singapore reader picks: ‘It’s showtime for Rinya Nakamura’
UFC prospect Rinya Nakamura. IMAGO/ZUMA Wire/Louis Grasse

The UFC is in Singapore this weekend with a card that starts early in the morning on the US east coast. The main card, which begins at 8 a.m ET, is headlined by former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and perennial nearly-man Chan Sung Jung, aka The Korean Zombie. Both men are coming to the tail ends of their careers, but this fight should still pack plenty of punch.

The co-main is Anthony Smith vs. Ryan Spann. There’s also Giga Chikadze vs. Alex Caceres and Erin Blanchfield vs. Taila Santos.

The BE staff has looked at all these match-ups and made our picks. Now it’s time for the readers to do the same. Read below to see who the BE readers think will win tonight. There’s also extra analysis from reader Thomas Goncalves and Luke G.

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UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Max Holloway vs. Chan Sung Jung

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Max Holloway (92.3%)

Thomas Goncalves: Max Holloway. It was very brave of TKZ to call out Max, but I can’t see him winning this fight. It is just too late for him. Max’ last performance against Arnold Allen was a real statement and TKZ looked completely overwhelmed against Volk and Ortega recently. Holloway by TKO on round 4.

Luke G: Holloway. Don’t love this fight. I don’t think Zombie is entirely spent but (Lawler excluded) it would be cool to take a guy talking retirement and give him a nice veteran matchup? God forbid we send a guy out with respect. But alas this is how glue is made so the UFC feeds him to a no longer in his prime yet still incredibly dangerous Max Holloway. We’re like 2 years distanced from Brian Ortega putting a striking clinic on him, this will be very one sided. Holloway by late TKO.

Anthony Smith vs. Ryan Spann

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Anthony Smith (53.8%)

Thomas Goncalves: This fight will probably be a war and I am not sure Smith can still do that. I think Spann might be a bit too much now for him and I don’t their first bout result will be a factor in this one.
Ryan Spann by TKO on R1.

Luke G: Smith. For some bizarre reason these two guys fucking hate each other so we’re getting a rematch of a mostly meaningless fight from 2021. First one was stupid and fun albeit short. I expect more of the same. Taking Smith because he won the first fight inside one round and Spann hasn’t changed his game just because he smoked a frequently imploding Cutelaba and an even more imploding Dom Reyes.

Giga Chikadze vs. Alex Caceres

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Giga Chikadze (100%)

Thomas Goncalves: Very exciting fight, the big question is what will Giga look like a year and a half after getting slaughtered by Kattar for 5 rounds. I still think he is way better than Caceres in a kickboxing match if he can perform at its best and if Caceres doesn’t try to wrestle/grapple. Chikadze by Decision.

Luke G: Giga. I love Caceres fights and his deeply stoned sounding post win interviews but Giga is just too dangerous to pick against here. I expect some wild kicks and overall exchanges. I think this is going to be a banger.

Rinya Nakamura vs. Fernie Garcia

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Rinya Namakmura (100%)

Thomas Goncalves: I feel like this is supposed to be a “free” knockout win for Nakamura, the UFC wants to promote him as their big Japanese prospect. Nakamura by TKO on R1.

Luke G: Nakamura. Fernie lost to Journey Newsom which means he can lose to anyone at the UFC level. I’ll trust the bettors here who have Nakamura at -900 currently coming off a 1 round KO win in his UFC debut.

Erin Blanchfield vs. Taila Santos

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Erin Blanchfield (84.6%)

Thomas Goncalves: Blanchfield looks too much like the next big thing in this weight class for me to bet against her. She is very well-rounded and a win against “the fighter that almost won by decision against Valentina” is a big statement she will be willing to make in order to get the next title shot. Blanchfield by Decision.

Luke G: Santos. I’m taking the underdog here for the terrible reason of overrating somebody in a loss. Taila made Valentina work for that title defense in a victory marred by a head clash. I think she’s got that dog in her and gives Blanchfield her first hiccup in the UFC.

Junior Tafa vs. Parker Porter

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Junior Tafa (76.9%)

Thomas Goncalves: Hard to ignore the fact that Porter has already been knocked out by a Tafa 6 months ago. Not a very exciting fight so I’ll pray for an early knockout. Junior Tafa by TKO on R1.

Luke G: Tafa. Man this is another fight that truly belongs in the parking lot of a chain steakhouse. Tafa was outwrestled by the deeply mediocre Usman sibling (yikes) but I’ll pick him to put Parker’s lights out early.

Waldo Cortes-Acosta vs. Lukasz Brzeski

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Waldo Cortes-Acosta (100%)

Thomas Goncalves: To be honest I’ve only seen them lose, but I think Cortes-Acosta’s boxing is a bit cleaner, but I want to bet on a KO from Lukasz Brzeski who will be fighting for his job. Brzeski by TKO on round 1.

Luke G: Cortes-Acosta. The people of Singapore dont deserve the indignity of watching two bottom tier heavyweight fights in a row but that’s what they’re getting. I’ll take the faster stronger guy here but Waldo has been bad so far. I’m still not over the psychic damage of watching him showboat in a narrow win over Jared Vanderaa. Do not wake up at 7 am for this fight

Toshiomi Kazama vs. Garrett Armfield

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Garrett Armfield (69.2%)

Thomas Goncalves: Armfield by default, I only saw Kazama fight when he got murdered by Rinya Nakamura. Armfield by Decision.

Luke G: Armfield. Kazama has a loss just last year in a promotion called POUND STORM. That sounds bad.

Chidi Njokuani vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Chidi Njokuani (69.2%)

Thomas Goncalves: I don’t think Oleksiejczuk has any wrestling skills to showcase and I think Chidi will clearly dominate in striking. Njokuani by Decision.

Luke G: Chidi. I think this fight will be close and fun. Taking Chidi to work some KO magic late possibly, but Oleksiejczuk could absolutely take him off that game like Robocop did.

Yusaku Kinoshita vs. Billy Goff

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Yusaku Kinoshita (53.8%)

Thomas Goncalves: Kinoshita has already shown difficulties against wrestlers and I think the same will happen. Goff by Decision.

Luke G: Goff. Man idk I don’t watch DWCS all that much. Kinoshita lost to Adam Fugitt so I’ll take the debuting Goff

Na Liang vs. JJ Aldrich

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: JJ Aldrich (92.3%)

Thomas Goncalves: I’m not a great fan of “pure” grapplers, and I don’t think Niang is that impressive even in this field. Aldrich looks well-rounded and can get a quick finish in my opinion. Aldrich by TKO on round 1.

Luke G: Aldrich. Liang has two UFC fights and they’re both KO losses. Seems gift wrapped for Aldrich to bounce back after a demoralizing loss to Lipski.

Seung Woo Choi vs. Jarno Errens

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Seung Woo Choi (69.2%)

Thomas Goncalves: Errens by default, I think Choi’s technique is very limited and anyone can take advantage of this. Errens by Decision.

Luke G: Errens. Seung Woo Choi is another “can lose to anybody” guy but he can also be involved in a double knockdown so he is fun. This will be a good kind of bad for as long as it lasts.

Which fighters win Performance of the Night?

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Max Holloway (69.2%), Giga Chikadze (30.8%)

Thomas Goncalves: Rinya Nakamura. I think it’s showtime for him, he should be able to finish in spectacular fashion and grab a bonus.

Luke G: Max and Chidi. Taking Max for obvious reasons. Chidi I’m taking the flyer that he gets a nice highlight win that can land him a quick 50K.

Which fight wins Fight of the Night?

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Giga Chikadze vs. Alex Cacera (38.5%)

Thomas Goncalves: Chikadze/Caceres. A competitive, high-level and high volume striking match is always a good candidate for fight of the night. The main event could be a contender to but I feel like it is too unbalanced.

Luke G: Gigi v Caceres. I think we get 15 minutes of Kung fu and kickboxing here and momentum shifts seem likely.

Which fight are you most excited for?

UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Korean Zombie picks

Readers’ pick: Max Holloway vs. Chan Sung Jung (38.5%)

Thomas Goncalves: Blanchfield/Santos and Chikadze/Caceres. Chikadze/Caceres should be an enjoyable kickboxing brawl. Blanchfield/Santos is a very high level match-up and the winner might get the next title shot or at least a title eliminator against the Namajunas/Fiorot winner if there is a Valentina/Grasso 3.

Luke G: Gigi v Caceres. Bruce Leroy is always a good time and Giga can be dangerous what’s not to love?


Christophe remains in the lead while Adam Law and Jeremy are separated by just bonus points in second and third spot. Let’s see if that changes after UFC Singapore is said and done.

PositionCommunity MemberCorrectIncorrectTotal Picks%Week 20 RecordBonus Points
2Adam Law1441122560.5637-314
4Luke G1401162560.5477-311
5Just Simon1401162560.5476-410
11Sensei Scott72831550.4650-06
12Mark S65621270.5127-37
15Arran D5736930.6138-27
18Fishtown Simon3020500.6000-03
19Benjamin Thornton2935640.4530-01
20Keyon Talieh2831590.4750-02

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