Sean O’Malley jokes about Andrew Tate with one-way open relationship claims

Sean O'Malley has a lot to say about his 'open relationship', and why he's the only one that gets to sleep around.

By: Zane Simon | 1 month ago
Sean O’Malley jokes about Andrew Tate with one-way open relationship claims
Sean O'Malley attends an 2022 baseball game. - Mark J. Rebilas IMAGO/USA TODAY Network

Sean O’Malley is on top of the world right now. The 28-year-old made good this last weekend on longtime claims that he would one day be champion of the UFC bantamweight division, with a wicked TKO of Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292.

With that victory, O’Malley has put himself in position to finally potentially earn some real decent money out of his UFC career. Not just with championship level purses, but with the potential for PPV points, sponsorship deals, and side letter agreements. It also apparently will keep him in position to maintain his one-way open relationship with his partner.

Sean O’Malley claims open relationship is just for him

In a recent interview with Bradley Martin’s Raw Talk podcast, heading into UFC 292, Sean O’Malley gave some insight into his personal life. Most notably that he and his partner have an ‘open relationship’. Or, to be more precise, he gets to sleep around and she doesn’t because, “I’m a king, I pay for everything.”

“Yeah, no, that ain’t happenin’,” O’Malley admitted when asked if he’d let another guy be with his wife. “I’m a king! I pay for everything. I treat Dany like a queen. If I get a little puss on the side, what does that have to do with anything. I got testosterone running through my veins. It’s that f—king simple.

“I wouldn’t say that if I was in the opposite position. If I wasn’t paying for everything. If I wasn’t successful in any sort of way, and if I was just, f—king, an average Joe, it probably wouldn’t be fair. But, I feel like I’m f—king King Kong.”

“I mean, Andrew Tate explains it well,” O’Malley continued. “It’s status. Status. I’ve got status, so I can f—king—but, in camp it’s not a thing. After camp? Dany’s never ‘fine’ with it. I mean, she has been, she’s gone through phases. But, then we have a baby and their hormones change, and then it’s, like, this and that.”

Sean O’Malley won’t go full Conor McGregor

Talking about his personal proclivities, the now-UFC champion also claimed that he’s not nearly as wild as he’d like to be. If it wasn’t for his personal restraint, Sean O’Malley has no trouble admitting he’d be even more like Conor McGregor, “hitting booger sugar on my f—king yacht.”

“I’m a crazy motherf—ker, dude. I put myself on a leash, I have to live a very disciplined lifestyle.” O’Malley enthused. “I could, for sure, go and do some bumps and go off the rails, easily. If I didn’t have discipline? I would be a f—king—dude, I’d be crazy. I’d be Conor [McGregor]. For sure, I’d be hitting booger sugar on my f—king yacht and blow all my money.

“But, I do live a very disciplined life. And, if I want to get a little bit of pussy some times? What the f—k!?”

“It makes me a better man,” he concluded.

Sean O’Malley wants people to know he’s very nice to his partner

As for people who might think that claiming money and status excuse their behavior, while holding their partners to different standards than themselves makes them some kind of controlling narcissist? Sean O’Malley wants fans to know that he really does treat his partner very well.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” O’Malley added after joking about manipulating his partner. “I f—king treat Dany good as f—k. I would never—she would never—I treat her good! I give her a f—king very very very good life. She’s passionate about her work, her hair. She works twice a week,” he added, speaking of his wife’s hairdressing business. “She doesn’t have to work at all, but she chooses to work twice a week. She’s set. She’s good.”

To his credit, O’Malley added that he doesn’t feel like his kind of relationship works if everything isn’t perfect at home. “Your relationship has to be 100% good. Can’t be any questioning, can’t be any fighting. It’s gotta be good to be able to do that.” He also noted that he doesn’t actually get to sleep around all that often.

“I’m not f—king a chick every week, every month? I go half a year without getting ‘strange’,” O’Malley explained. “I’m not saying I don’t want it more, but it’s not like I’m f—king chicks all the time.”

He went on to detail a story about Danya actually encouraging him to pursue a fan at an autograph signing. The event was in Houston, TX and according to “Sugar”, his wife texted him, “She told me to smash.” He also revealed that they have “dope threesomes” together.

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