The bizarre rants Conor McGregor tweeted and deleted during UFC 292

Conor McGregor missed UFC 292 but made his presence felt with a series of audio notes he tweeted and deleted.

By: Ivan DeHaas | 1 month ago
The bizarre rants Conor McGregor tweeted and deleted during UFC 292
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Last Sunday, Conor McGregor took to Twitter to provide some sporadic commentary on UFC 292 in the wake of the event. As is customary, his Twitter voice notes have since been removed, but Bloody Elbow hit the save button before the files were deleted.

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Conor McGregor ringside at Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron, May 20th, 2023 | INPHO | Gary Carr

Conor McGregor’s voice notes: singing, screaming and spitting criticism

In the first voice note of his Twitter barrage, Conor went from laughing maniacally and shouting, “I got ya boy!” to singing Tom Petty in mere seconds, all while watching the Chris Weidman vs. Brad Tavares bout at UFC 292. As the fight played out on pay-per-view in the background, Conor McGregor oscillated between singing and criticizing Weidman’s performance in the Octagon.

“You should have smacked him with the right hook,” exclaimed McGregor. “Smack him with the right hook! Why you shooting him on the legs? He’s dropping his hands for you!”

Immediately after, Conor resumed singing another line from the chorus of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”, only to interrupt himself with an unintelligible string of complaints about Weidman’s fighting, followed by, “Right hook! Bang! I’d crack a right hook left hook right hook, three shot combo over the top… where’s the ref?!”

The second part opened with more Tom Petty covers by McGregor, serving as an introduction to a series of manic rhetorical questions from Conor. “Who throws them great? Who’s the daddy at them kicks? Who’s the daddy at acrobatic mixed martial arts” asked McGregor, omitting syllables left and right. “I throw them kicks like no one. How many times do you need to see it?”

Conor drags Weidman and praises Garry & O’Malley

Regardless of the bout at UFC 292, Conor had commentary for every fight of significance. Initially, McGregor seemed bitter towards the event, but after posting his reactions to O’Malley v. Sterling and Ian Machado Garry’s win, it became clear that he was just very excited and passionate about the sport.

Regardless, Conor’s tone in the voice notes was antagonizing at first. “It wasn’t good, it was nothing,” said McGregor, presumably about Weidman’s kicking form after his injury. “It was the outside of that leg, that’s it. That’s not the leg he’s broke, ladies and gentlemen; that’s his other f**king leg. Yeah, bang him a real hook. Well I, woooon’t back down…

Towards the end of the tweet storm, McGregor expressed admiration for fellow Irish welterweight Ian Machado Garry and bantamweight Sean O’Malley for their respective victories at UFC 292. Conor was particularly focused on how both fighters said they aimed to follow a similar path as himself, and made sure to let his Twitter followers (and amused Internet onlookers) know.

“Ian has been saying about doing what I’m gonna do for so many years, yeah? Came to Cage Warriors, I’m not sure whether you won the double, or you got signed before you even had the chance to win the double,” recalled Conor. “That would have been there. I see 170-185 in this lad’s future, yeah? I see 185 in Ian’s success. Identical.”

After giving Garry the Conor cosign, McGregor turned his focus to O’Malley and claimed he saw a similar potential in the Montana native. “And look at O’Malley, saying the exact same thing. ‘I’m gonna be as big as Conor. I’m gonna be as big,'” he rambled. “And he goes down, does the exact same f**king thing I done to make me as big as Conor, if you get me.”

“So, show’s f**king madness. But there you go,” exhaled McGregor, seeming to tire himself out at the end of the tirade. “I’m not showing for nothing but going to the gym and having fun, yeah? I want to show up to the gym, smile, have fun, play, play. I don’t want to kill someone. I don’t want to be killed.”

McGregor tried to close out his unhinged series of voice notes with an air of positivity and foresight. “I’m actually starting to think now of tomorrow’s work, while I’m doing today’s work. Think of tomorrow while you’re in today,” advised McGregor. “So you’ll make it to tomorrow. That’s where I’m at in a minute.”

Conor’s sign-off message: “God Bless, happy Sunday, and… UFC, baby. What a f**king business; what a company. What a f**king life, baby.” After the now-deleted tweets made it to Tiktok, the most liked comment on the final clip of McGregor’s voice notes plainly read, “Colombian marching powder.”

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