Jewish UFC fighter challenged by Nick Fuentes’ fan, outcome is satisfying if predictable

UFC lightweight Natan Levy was more than happy to welcome some Nick Fuentes supporters to the Xtreme Couture cage for a very educational sparring session.

By: Nate Wilcox | 1 month ago

The UFC lightweight made the acquaintance of some Nick Fuentes supporters on Twitter (or or whatever) and invited them over to the gym for a kinetic education session.

UFC lightweight Natan Levy is not the guy you want to come at

Israeli-born UFC fighter Natan Levy has made no secret of his pride in his Jewish faith and heritage. When he saw some tweets from “America First” followers of right-wing extremist Nick Fuentes he couldn’t let them go unchallenged.

“A few days ago, some wimp on Twitter posted a picture of his slim tricep and said, ‘This is what every white nationalist should look like. This is what everybody that follows Nick Fuentes should look like,’” Levy said on his YouTube channel in the video embedded above. “Somebody tagged me and I commented, ‘He’s built like a chopstick. Definitely not a threat.’

“Some guy jumped into the thread named Ben and he said he’s willing to come meet me and defend Nick Fuentes’ honor and come spar with me,” he continued. “I’m like yeah, whatever. No problem, bring the wimp from the picture too, and Nicholas Fuentes, we can all meet, I’ll Venmo you some cash for the gas. To me, that’s another troll talking s—t online.”

The troll in question, known as Ben, surprised Levy when he showed up in his DMs and surprised him even more when he showed up at the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas.

The sparring sessions went about as you’d expect

“I saw one on his posts come across Twitter,” Ben said in the video (transcription via Mediaite). “It was critical of somebody who associates himself with America First and the political values that I value.

“As a defender of that and a former martial arts-experienced, trained person myself, I just thought it’d be fun to come spar.”

Before the two stepped foot inside the octagon, Levy asked Ben why he was supposedly “talking shit about Jews on Twitter.” He also confronted Ben about his allegiance to Fuentes.

“I think because what he says is right,” Ben said.

Levy was quick to point out that Fuentes adamantly denies the Holocaust, but Ben stood firm on his stance.

“I think he’s more of a revisionist,” Ben replied. “Not all aspects of it –”

Levy immediately asked, “Like what?” to which Ben disputed the number of Jewish people that were killed in the Holocaust.

As they geared up to begin sparring, Ben began detailing his fighting experience. He claimed he practiced karate and tae kwon do for eight years. Though he’d never done a five-minute round, he said he “played UFC 4 a lot.”

Levy promised not to “hurt him too bad.”

“But a lesson needs to be taught here about trolling,” he said. “Education is painful sometimes,” and promised “a classic case of ‘fuck around and find out.’”

Xtreme Couture fighters have confronted trolls offline before

Levy’s teammate, UFC middleweight Chris Curtis was there for Levy’s sparring session with “Ben” and has had his own real-life run-ins with keyboard warriors. As we reported a couple of months ago:

“Alright, check it out,” said Curtis in a video uploaded to Twitter. “This is one of those rare times in life when you meet your Twitter trolls. This guy! What’s your name? What’s your handle? What’s your handle? We’re going to make you famous.

“So I’m not even sure what he said, but I think I blocked him for something,” continued Curtis. “I told him stop saying dumb s—t and I won’t block you. What do you have to say for yourself, Twitter troll? We are who we are. I’m a troll. I don’t take it personally, so it’s fine! It’s very rare that you get to meet people who troll you, so it’s fine.”

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