Dana White furious over TUF stunt involving Conor McGregor

UFC president Dana White didn't let up in his criticisms on the production team after a recent TUF stunt.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 2 months ago

Dana White wasn’t happy about the recent coaches’ challenge in the ongoing broadcast of the 31st Ultimate Fighter season. Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler submerged themselves in an ice bath with 39-degree water as they answer random UFC trivia questions. 

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White, however, was more furious towards the UFC’s production team than the two men who subjected themselves to the challenge. 

Dana White blasts UFC production team

Dana White was present in the audience during the coaches’ challenge, but he didn’t speak about it until he did an interview with the Mac Life after the fact. Here, he went all in on the UFC production team. 

“I’mma tell you this: it was a huge, huge f—ng clusterf—k by the production team that shot this thing. Completely f—ng irresponsible. Completely a shitshow and both of them could’ve been hurt during this. 

“It was f—ng ridiculous what happened during the coaches’ challenge.” 

‘Dangerous, stupid, irresponsible’

Dana White then relayed an experience he had with the ice bath in a recent trip to New York City. Drawing on what he’d gone through, he wasn’t pleased with the potential injuries that McGregor or Chandler could’ve sustained as a result of the challenge. 

White also promised that such an occurrence won’t happen again. 

“I did 37 degrees in New York for seven minutes. We did two days of six minutes, we did the last day at seven minutes. These guys did this thing for almost 30 minutes. 

“Dangerous, stupid, irresponsible, and just completely f—ng ridiculous on the part of the production crew that handled the coaches’ challenge.

“I was literally f—ng pissed off about… disgusting. It won’t happen again.”

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Dana White gives update on McGregor vs. Chandler

Back in May, Dana White gave an update on the expected matchup between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. At the time, the UFC boss was still expecting his most prized star to be back in the USADA testing pool. But he did assure that “there is a fight.” 

“[McGregor] has to get into the USADA pool first. He’s filling out the paperwork. I don’t know how soon that will be done or what’s going on, but that’s his business that he’s handling with USADA. But it’s all in motion.”

In a recent post-fight scrum after the Tuesday Night Contender Series, Dana White mentioned speaking to “The Notorious” recently. He also confirmed that Chandler is still the opponent despite rumors of things going the opposite direction. 

“I talked to Conor. It was either yesterday or the day before. And yeah, he’s ready to fight. I just said, listen, get in shape, and let’s figure this out. 

MMA: UFC 264-Weigh Ins, Jul 9, 2021; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Conor McGregor is greeted by UFC president Dana White during weigh ins for UFC 264 at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports, 09.07.2021 16:52:20, 16389698, NPStrans, T-Mobile Arena, UFC, Dana White, MMA, Conor McGregor PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xGaryxA.xVasquezx 16389698
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“Yeah, he’s fighting Chandler,” White confirmed. “Conor likes to f–k with everybody. You know what I mean? Especially his opponent or possible opponents.”

McGregor hasn’t seen action since he broke his leg at UFC 264 in 2021 in his trilogy with Dustin Poirier. Likewise, Chandler is coming off a loss to Poirier at UFC 281 last November.

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