Wu Tang Clan explains the UFC class action Lawsuit – N.A.S.H. Rules Everything Around Me – (mma)²

No time to listen to a 40min podcast? Are you too ADHD to read the article? Let a cartoon marsupial explains UFC Class Action with Wu Tang and John Nash.

By: Chris Rini | 1 month ago

Let’s face it, we watch MMA because it’s fun, exciting, and a vicarious thrill; not becuase we want to read about class action lawsuits. Fighter pay, the revenus split, and the dirty details behind who gets promoted favorably and whose legacy goes in the dustbin – I love this stuff.

I also want both types of fans to be aware of what goes in our beloved trash fire of a sport so today’s column is going to be a little different.

IMG 9229
Art by Chris Rini.

John S. Nash — UFC financial detective

John S. Nash has been a bit of an inspiration for me, almost a decade ago he deduced what the revenue split was between the UFC and fighters. This was later confirmed in court documents related to this class action lawsuit.

Along with his “Show Money Podcast” and “Hey Not the Face! Podcast” I’ve been keeping tabs on the fighter lawsuit and wanted to make this info more available to fans who don’t want to spend too much time reading or listening to things that feel too much like learning.

As a tribute to the most neglected MMA Journalist (I’m looking at you, Fighters Only), today MMA Squared pays homage to the work of John Nash using the Wu Tang Clan’s breakout single C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me).

I took a bunch of key scene from the music video and drew Nash’s face over the iconic MC’s from Staten Island. It’s an absurd tribute, but for a man who drove a beer truck from Minnesota to Hollywood and became a part of the showbiz machine while moonlighting as an MMA financial reporter, it is perhaps a fitting one.

John S. Nash explains the UFC class action lawsuit.

If this cartoon has inspired you to want to learn more, check out Nash’s latest writings here.

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