Conor McGregor: What godawful nonsense has he gotten up to now?

Conor McGregor didn't get arrested this weekend at the Anthony Joshua fight that's about the best that can be said for his behavior.

By: Nate Wilcox | 1 month ago

About the headline, all due respect and all that

Just doing a routine Conor McGregor news roundup so forgive the sensational headline…it’s just that our man Mystic Mac IS sensational. He was sensational on the way up (God was he ever), his fall was sensational and it just kept going on and on and on through loss after loss and getting worse and worse. Now that it seems his fighting years are behind him his antics are about as embarrassing as you’d expect for a star of Conor McGregor’s caliber and style.

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So we say this with love for an MMA all-timer and easily the greatest male star of his era (and honestly I’d give him the edge over Ronda Rousey as a star as well. She’s his only possible rival from the 2014-2018 period).

With that out of the way let’s get to it, it’s a doozy of a news weekend for our lad.

Conor McGregor announces ambitious three fight schedule

Never afraid that his reach will exceed his grasp, Conor has announced that he plans to fight Michael Chandler in December at UFC 296 (so much for those plans to fight on the UFC 300 Musk vs Zuckerberg main card in the Roman Colosseum).

He has already failed to meet the USADA’s drug testing deadline which requires two clean tests in six months for a fighter returning to the cage but that’s just whatevs to Conor apparently.

Up next he wants to contest the “BMF” belt with Justin Gaethje and then complete the Nate Diaz trilogy.

“I’ll get that again,” McGregor, 34, said on The MMA Hour (transcription by The Independent). “We’ll get that trilogy at some stage for sure. That’s when he was gone that he was [supposed to be] doing the show. So, you know what way that is, it’s all politics and all that.

“We must fight, we’re one a piece. It’s a great rivalry, and it was a great fight. So, we gotta square that away for sure. Am I a person not to get the fights made and done? Look at all the fights I’ve had. When I say it, it happens.

“I have a load of bouts left in me and a load of stories incomplete, and I’m excited to continue on and get them done.”

Getting busy and getting silly at Joshua vs Helenius

Just gonna do a Twitter round-up here because they tell quite the tale.

So far so good, I guess. I’m sure his legal team loves to see this.

He was doing passably ok up until the shadow boxing which just makes me sad since the man shouldn’t need to beg for attention.
I hope Anthony Joshua doesn’t have to spent a month in Conor McGregor’s mentions for every swallow of that swill he took. He sure didn’t waste any more time on the man some call McJacked. Well that is until Conor gets on the mic and runs his mouth, but more on that later.

The Daily Mail summed up Joshua’s interaction with The Unicorn as such, “The boxer gladly took a sip, but then ignored McGregor as he turned and walked out of the ring.”

How’s he going to squeeze in a KSI along with Chandler, Gaethje and Diaz?

Now that’s some funny ish right there. Funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Hopefully no further news from this weekend will emerge in the days ahead. We all remember hiding our eyes as the accusations flew after his disastrous appearance at a Miami Heat game. In review — he allegedly sent the team mascot to the ER in a botched stunt, then things got dramatically worse as he faced serious criminal allegations. So much for that Miami Heat sponsorship deal.

‘Despicable, embarrassing or a mix of both’

As our own Tim Bissell wrote last month:

“Trying to make his ‘controversies’ section longer than his ‘achievements’ section on Wikipedia hasn’t hurt McGregor in the fight game. In fact it’s helped. He’s been living his gimmick for years now, parlaying ‘notorious’ conduct into PPV sales.

“However, as he’s aged, lost focus and seen his potency inside the cage diminish, he’s cranked up his antics to become more extreme (and desperate appearing). What makes things sadder is that, despite acting wilder than ever, the attention he’s garnering is dwindling.

“We’ve seen it here at Bloody Elbow, traffic on Conor McGregor (even when he is accused of rape) doesn’t register much interest. Readers may not have realized this was actually news, since McGregor has been accused of this kind of thing at least three times now. Readers may also not have seen this as a notable incident, because when you see McGregor’s name in a headline now you expect it to be accompanied with something despicable, embarrassing or a mix of both.”

Talking up his pal Dillon Danis’ fight with Logan Paul

MMA Fighting got some quotes on this.

“Dillon will win, for sure,” McGregor said. “They’re already backtracking, they’re walking out on it. I’ve known Dillon for years, trained with him many times, helped him. I’m guiding him. I’m training him for this, and I guarantee a win.

“I hope the lad shows up. He tried to put a bill on us if we don’t show up – we’re going to put a bill on him if he doesn’t show up.”

‘Glad’ the UFC got cut out of Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg

You know Conor couldn’t resist trying to get cheap headlines out of this farce.

“I could not be less interested in this,” McGregor X’d and then X’d out (what we used to call Tweet & Delete). “I am so happy the UFC will not be involved.”

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