UFC payment situation explained by Dana White

Here are the UFC and MMA stories you might have missed, including the class action case against the UFC and some silly stuff, too.

By: Tim Bissell | 1 month ago

UFC and MMA news comes at you fast, so you’re bound to miss a couple of things throughout the week. Have no fear, Hitting The Links is here. Below you’ll find links to the big (and under-the-radar) stories we published this week. Maybe you’ll see something you missed.

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Court certifies class-action lawsuit, says UFC has ‘unfettered power’ to suppress fighter pay

There’s a major update on the UFC lawsuit. (link)

Tim: John S. Nash, who broke this story, being the foremost authority on this lawsuit and it’s implication for the UFC and MMA, must be a day ending in a Y.

Anton: Kinda curious that despite this being by far the most important news in the sport, only few MMA outlets actually covered it.

Zane: Can’t say I’m expecting we’ll see any other major movement on this in the immediate future, given how slow this whole process has been already. But this has definitely already impacted the way the UFC does business and likely will continue to do so.

GWOAT challenges Jake Paul to intergender boxing match

Jake Paul has plenty of suitors for his next opponent. One of the more surprising call outs comes from an elite boxer who also fights in the PFL. (link)

Tim: This did massive traffic for us. Shields wrecks Paul, for what it’s worth.

Zane: Definitely way up on the list of weird stuff that will never happen. Right alongside Fedor vs. Tyson or that time Usman said he wanted to box Canelo.

Anton: I hate intergender fight talk, but apparently a lot of people love it.

MMA media can dramatically improve by using this one simple trick

Here’s something MMA media can do to do a better job of holding those in power accountable. (link)

Tim: If you aren’t subscribed to Trent Reinsmith’s Substack, now’s the time to change that.

Charles Oliveira ‘just waiting’ for Conor McGregor fight: ‘Tell me the place and the time’

Former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira still looking for that Conor McGregor fight. (link)

Tim: Charles, man, you don’t need to waste your time with this.

Zane: Always love Lucas’ coverage of the Brazilian side of MMA.

UFC antitrust lawsuit developments explained

All the most important points of the UFC antitrust suit developments are broken down to their atoms. (link)

Tim: More from John S. Nash on the story of the week (and probably year).

Anton: It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out and if/when UFC just eventually settles. Losing big money will hurt, but injunctive relief changing their entire business model could really mess them up.

WNO 19: Meregali submits Duarte! – Full results, video highlights for BJJ event

Check out all the BJJ action from WNO 19. (link)

Tim: Some jits!

Anton: Meregali’s set up and finish of that arm triangle was very impressive. I thought it’d be a stalemate on the feet, but one mistake and it was completely over quick.

UFC legend accepts bodybuilder Bradley Martyn’s viral David vs. Goliath challenge

Social media influencer and body builder Bradley Martyn is getting into the combat sports game, but it’s not celebrity boxing. (link)

Tim: What’s a Bradley Martyn?

Zane: I’m actually kinda excited for this nonsense. Not just because I love a sideshow, but because I actually think DJ is serious enough about his intentions that he’ll go through with it and we’ll get something comical to watch.

Anton: Are we back in the 90s? I don’t understand how “untrained big man vs small pro fighter” became a big debate again today. Just go to a damn gym and watch how many jacked dudes get routinely destroyed by random colored belts (or even fellow whites) let alone actual elite professionals.

Did Derrick Lewis just play himself?

Derrick Lewis had an opportunity to make a splash in free agency, but it looks like he’s passed it by. (link)

Tim: No $2 million payday for The Black Beast. Shame.

Zane: Would have been fascinated to see Lewis test free agency with that kind of payday potential, but it was never to be. Hopefully the UFC at least made him a competitive offer.

Anton: Lewis probably should’ve waited still, but I’m guessing that (insane) one year exclusive negotiation clause played a part for the 38-year-old.

There’s a bigger story – Dana White explains Thompson’s purse situation for UFC 291

Dana White addresses the ongoing discussion about Stephen Thompson’s UFC 291 purse. (link)

Tim: Dana demonstrating that ‘Show Money’ is not real.

Anton: Like bonuses, this should be on contracts and not left to the promoter’s mood that day. It’s also the type of thing that would’ve easily been put on black and white if UFC fighters actually had the ability to collectively bargain.

Zane: Thompson wanted fighters to learn a lesson from Pereira’s weight miss, and they definitely did. The lesson: Don’t try to teach people lessons.

Sean O’Malley out to take UFC belt at all costs, even if he has to win an Oscar

Check out our exclusive chat with UFC bantamweight title challenger ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley. (link)

Tim: Our man Eddie Mercado snagged an interview with UFC bantamweight title challenger Sean O’Malley.

Sumo Stomp! Nagoya Report Card: The Hakuoho era begins

The Nagoya basho was an incredible spectacle filled with thrilling performances. I’m grading everyone’s sumo, starting with the rank-and-filers. (link)

Tim: Sumo! Get your sumo!

Anton: I love that this niche market is drawing.

WTF: Iron Crotch Kung Fu, Lethwei and Michelle Manu

A look at an underexplored facet of Kung Fu: ending your family lineage. (link)

Tim: Want to see a 50-year-old dude pound his balls with a log? Click to learn more.

Anton: Apart from the random weirdness in WTF, Victor always makes this a very fun read.

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