Mexican Style! Emanuel Navarrete beats Oscar Valdez in thriller: Full results, play-by-play, video highlights

Emanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez is all set to be an excellent boxing title fight. Join us for our live coverage.

By: Lukasz Fenrych | 2 months ago

Boxing brings us a sneakily good matchup at the lighter weights this weekend, with Emanuel Navarrete (37-1-0, 31KOs) defends his WBO super featherweight title against Oscar Valdez (31-1-0, 23 KOs). This fight should have happened back in spring, but an injury to Valdez meant Navarrete won the then-vacant title in a war against Liam Wilson instead.

Emanuel Navarrete and Oscar Valdez face off before their fight.
Imago/Hoganphotos/Tom Hogan

We’re happy they’ve managed to reschedule, though, because it’s all set to be a war. Despite being the defending champion, Emanuel Navarrete is the one with things to prove, since he’s new to the division and Wilson landed more damage than expected. Oscar Valdez has been up at this 130lb limit a bit longer, and had held a belt until Shakur Stevenson disposessed him of it.

Perhaps more importantly for us, though: both are action-heavy fighters, and will be here to throw down. So join us for our play-by-play of the main event and highlights and results from the whole card below.

Emanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez will be shown in the US on ESPN+. The main card starts at 8PM ET, with ringwalks for the main event expected around 11PM ET- but as usual, stay tuned here for uptades on that time.

Okay, main event up next. Join me below for the play-by-play

Update: The prelim card should have started by now, but it hasn’t because… well, you’d have to ask ESPN+. There are no official updates as to the issue as yet, so it’s entirely possible the card has started and we’re just not seeing it. Hopefully they’ll fix the issue soon, or at least by the time the main card starts in a couple of hours.

Further update: Top Rank’s twitter is posting highlights, so you can find those below. Still no live card, but results will be coming in as and when they post them.

Update: coverage started just in time for the end of the undercard. We got one fight out of it, at least. The main card is up next, including rising heavyweight star Richard Torres Jr.

In case you’re wondering, the delay to the coverage is because ESPN’s UFC coverage ran a little long. Not having the greatest evening. That should be done any minute now, though.

Okay, we’re live. Richard Torrez Jr in the ring now. See below for highlights and a few thoughts from me.

See our full guide on how to watch Navarrete vs Valdez here

Emanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez: Live play-by-play

Round 1: Navarrete far the bigger man here, but Valdez more experienced at this weight. Navarrete starts early with his unorthodox punch selection, Valdez more tight and compact. Valdez slips just before a minute in, no knockdown.

Navarrete throws a long uppercut that catchez Valdez, Valdez feels it but responds with a headshot while Vava recovers. He’s using Nava’s looping shots against him, snapping in shots to the body as they come around. Now Valdez is hurt! 1-2 rocks him back and he retreats to the ropes. But he recovers and makes the end of the round. 10-9 Navarrete

Round 2: Valdez has to stay compact and technically clean, that’s his advantage over Navarrete. Starts the round pushing with his jab but that big left uppercut forces him back again. Navarrete also doing a good job disrupting Valdez with his jab. He brings it back slowly, which should be a flaw, but he’s just too long for Valdez to counter that easily.

Now he’s getting some work going though. Jab and then a bodyshot. He’s boxing and circling, turning Navarrete to try to expose his ropey footwork. Gets him stumbling to the ropes, not hurt but off-balance. Big left hand to close the round by Valdez. 10-9 Valdez, 19-19

Round 3: Valdez opens with a sharp right and some nice jabs, Navarrete now a bit in counterpunching mode. Sharp overhand sends him to the ropes. He’s not being hurt, but he’s so off-balance on his legts, he has to be careful. Does catch Valdez with uppercuts and overhands though. He’s got such a good arsenal of punches at all ranges, it overcomes many of his flaws. Still, Valdez is keeping his defence tight. Solid exchange at the bell. 10-9 Navarrete, 29-28

Round 4: Valdez’s big problem is that with Navarrete you never know where the punches are coming from, and they’re all hard. He’s getting single shots in, but any time he tries to get going he gets tagged. Keeping him turning is the sensible move, and he has had success by pushinh him off balance then coming over with a right hand. Big bodyshot by Navarrete.

Really starting to get his volume going now. And though he’s thumping hard, he doesn’t have to load everything up to be that way. 10-9 Navarrete, 39-37

Round 5: Oscar Valdez opens pushing forward, and working the body. That’s what he has to do, try to tire Navarrete. Calmer round from him so far, letting his opponent’s combinations fall short. Navarrete lands a few shots in combination but Valdez starts teeing off with counters, hurting him with a couple of big right hands. He’s a very focused fighter, big left hook catches Navarrete.

The champion responds by throwing an extended combination, but Valdez is much more ready for him this round. Another left hook to finish the round, 10-9 Valdez, 48-47 Navarrete

Round 6: There’s a cut and swelling under Valdez’s right eye. That’s where Navarrete’s big lunging lefts have been landing. He’s fought through worse but that needs keeping an eye on. A big left sends Navarrete stumbling- again, not hurt, but Valdez starting to show his technical advantages. TNava tries to respond with uppercuts but Valdez gets him with another left hook and a little combo to follow.

The uppercut from Navarrete is now mostly a shot to back Valdez off. Solid left hook to the body by Valdez, and he’s leaping with left hooks upstairs trying to catch Navarrete leaning in. Much, much better from him these last two rounds. 10-9 Valdez, 57-57

Round 7: Navarrete opens the round trying to impose his volume again, but he gets caught standing up straight. Jabbing now, Valdez slipping it well. Valdez loses his mouthpiece so we get a pause. Navarrete despite his opening flurry has thrown less punches this round. Whether it’s stamina or strategy remains to be seen.

Valdez thinks it’s the former, commiting even more to huge winging hooks. Navarrete ends strongly though, catching Valdez with a counter combination that maybe just sneaks the round for him. 10-9 Navarrete, 67-66

Round 8: Valdez will be warier now after Navarrete just upped the volume to end the last round. But a leaping punch by the champion misses and leaves him off balance for a counter. Now gets some sharp straight shots in and it’s Valdez leaping with the hooks. Valdez ducks into a couple of shots and Navarrete showing a nice bit of defence for once. The round finishes a bit more tactically, but still good action for both. 10-9 Navarrete, 77-75

Round 9: Valdez has to up the tempo and does, pushinng Navarrete back and hurting him. The champion responds and pushes him back, but misses most of the follow-ups. He might have hurt his hand, he’s shaking it out. Has barely thrown his right in the first two minutes, definitely something going on there. Valdez not quite sure, so he’s not committing fully, but he’s winning this round despite a flurry to close by the champion. 10-9 Oscar Valdez, 86-85 Emanuel Navarrete.

Round 10: Looks like Valdez’s corner has told him Navarrete is hurt, opens pushing in close for a period. Navarrete backs him up again, as he’s been able to throughout. And a big right hand from Valdez!

That right eye is nearly closed for him, Valdez presses in and works the body, and Navarrete shells up, allowing Valdez to land a few. And a big shot to the body. Right hand over the top. Navarrete throwing a lot, but Valdez landing the cleaner shots. This is an exellent round. 10-9 Oscar Valdez, 95-95

Round 11: Valdez comes out blazing! Then they back out to center ring, but it looks like he’s feeling the urgency. Big right hand and they fall off balance. Dunno why the referee jumped in there, no-one fell over they were just off-balance. Navarrete the one pushing now.

Oscar Valdez can’t see out of his right eye, Navarrete can’t throw properly with his right hand. A big shot to the cin rocks Valdez again. Big left hook catches Valdez! That punch is so hard to avoid, it’s just so weird. Every time Valdez has got some momentum going Valdez has had an answer. Valdez landing solid shots but Navarrete well-set to take them for once. Valdez started the round fast but ends it slow, 10-9 Emanuel Navarrete, 105-104

Round 12: Emanuel Navarrete had a fire put under him by the corner before this final round, and opens like it. Valdez not sitting back either. Valdez goes down but it was a push. Navarrete really pushing the volume now, he just doesn’t stop. Now Navarrete slips on the sponsor logo. That’s an annoying interruption to a great final round.

They’re both going for it. Navarrete finsihing strong and a big left sends Valdez backwards! Oscar Valdez landing the odd shot but he’s been drowned a bit by Navarrete’s volume. Excellent fight. 10-9 Emanuel Navarrete, 115-113

Final score: 115-113 Emanuel Navarrete

Official scores: 116-112, 118-110, 119-109

That last scorecard is wild, there’s no way Oscar Valdez only won one round. But the right man won. What a fight.

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Results and highlights

WBO junior-welterweight title: Emanuel Navarrete UD12 Oscar Valdez 116-112, 118-110, 119-109

Junior Welterweight: Lindolfo Delgado UD10 Jair Valtierra 98-92, 99-91, 99-91

  • This fight was moved to the main card when Raymond Muratalla had to withdraw from his fight against Diego Torres a couple of days ago.
  • Delgado (17-0-0, 3KOs) hasn’t to date been seen as a rising star, and at 28 he’s into the age where he needs to be showing something if he wants title chances, but this is a golden chance for him to grab some atention. Valtierra (16-2-0, 8KOs) has a little more experience, having fought in 10 rounders before, and will be hoping to bring that to bear for the upset.
  • Delgado opens the fight cool on the back foot, Valtierra ducking and diving as he moves forward and brings the pressure.
  • Delgado too cool if anything as the fight goes on. He’s trying to bait counters but Valtierra is mostly just throwing a busy jab and not giving Delgado much to work off, while still landing the more volume. Got a bit more going in the third but he’s running a risk here.
  • He has somewhat taken over through the middle rounds, but it’s not an action fight. Valtierra may be hoping to take him to the late rounds he’s unfamiliar with but he probably needs to push the pace more if testing stamina is the aim.
  • It’s probably fair to say that Delgado did not jump at his main-card opportunity here. He’s won clearly, but it wasn’t exciting and Top Rank won’t be keen to have him on the main show again if this is any indication.
  • Still, he’ll be a reasonably tough opponent for anyone in the division. Which if anything might make his career even tougher to move forward after that.

Heavyweight: Richard Torrez Jr. TKO1 Willie Jake Jr

  • Torrez (5-0-0, 5KOs) is an Olympic silver medalist now making his way as a pro. His opponent Willie Jake shouldn’t be too much trouble for him tonight, but keep an eye out for Torrez as he rises through the ranks.
  • A short night, as Torrez dropped his opponent as he tried to bully him backwards. Lake got up, but he wasn’t recovered and Torrez unloaded against the ropes, with no reply till the ref jumped in.
  • An overmatched opponent, but it is nice to see the sometimes overly-aggressive Torrez working on back-foot fighting and counters.

Lightweight: Emiliano Vargas TKO2 Jorge Marquez Alvarado

  • 19 year old Vargas, son of former light-middleweight champion Fernando, showed some sharp counterpunching against the game but crude Marquez
  • He scored the TKO in round 2 after two knockdowns. On the second, Marquez stood up but spat his mouthpiece out when the referee asked him to continue, which the referee decided showed he wasn’t ready.

Heavyweight: Antonio Mireles TKO6 Dajuan Calloway

Super-middleweight: Sergio Rodriguez TKO Eduardo Ayala

Junior welterweight: Ricardo Ruvalcaba TKO-2 Adrian Orban

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