Anthony Joshua lands brutal KO over Robert Helenius – video highlights, play-by-play and results

It's time for Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius! Follow along here for live streaming play-by-play, results and highlights.

By: Stephie Haynes | 1 month ago
Anthony Joshua ( red shorts) knocks out Robert Helenius ( white blue shorts) during their International Heavyweight contest at the O2, London, England on the 12 August 2023. Copyright: xAlanxStanfordx PMI-5697-0010
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Anthony Joshua fights tonight! This time around the former champ will be facing Robert Helenius, who comes in on a week’s notice to replace the VADA-hit Dillian Whyte. Joshua vs. Whyte was billed as a PPV event. However, the late change has made this card available on regular DAZN.

Joshua is coming into this one off a win over Jermaine Franklin. That victory came after his back-to-back losses to Oleksandr Usyk. Helenius is coming off a win, but is mostly remembered for his one punch KO loss to Deontay Wilder in Wilder’s comeback fight last year.

Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius live play-by-play

Round 1

Helenius lands a left and a right to start the action. Joshua returns with a jab. Right cross by Joshua lands but Helenius is the aggressor. Helenius with a straight left and another. Joshua returns with a hard jab. Three punch combo lands for Helenius. Helenius with a right to the body. Two Joshua jabs part the guard of Helenius. Joshua extending the jab. Uneventful first round.

Round 2

Joshua with a quick left. Helenius popping a stiff jab. Joshua goes to the body with a couple shots. Again to the body by Joshua. Joshua ducks under a straight left, comes back over top with a left. A quick jab to the body again for Joshua. Helenius with a left straight that lands . Joshua maneuvers him to the corner and lands a quick combo. Joshua evades a quick right then eats a jab. Nice body work for Joshua.

Round 3

Helenius with a straight left jab answered by Joshua with a jab to the body. Joshua lands a hard left and then goes back to the body. Joshua just misses with a big left hook. Helenius is being backed up and looks apprehensive. Helenius lands a quick one-two but with not much steam on it.

Crowd is booing. Joshua lands a two punch combo and backs Helenius into the corner. Another body shot for Joshua. Another left as Joshua puts Helenius back on the ropes. Big leaping left for Joshua lands. Another hard left lands for Joshua.

Round 4

Helenius grazes with a left and the two tie up briefly. Joshua with a big right. Joshua landed three lefts, all unanswered. Helenius paws with a jab. Joshua in with a big three punch combo that gets the crowd going.

Helenius advancing but not throwing much. Joshua goes back to the body with a quick left. Helenius lands a left. Two punch combo for Helenius. Joshua with another left to the body. Helenius advancing but telegraphing. Joshua simply ducks under and comes back up with another left.

Round 5

Helenius with a quick two jab combo. Joshua the aggressor and lands a big right . Quick left from Joshua answered with a right from Helenius. Helenius bleeding from the nose now. Piston left from Joshua lands, then another. Helenius throwing a tentative left. A quick two punch combo from Helenius lands.

Helenius working the jab. Joshua misses with a big shot aimed for the body. Helenius pops Joshua’s head back with a hard shot. Joshua lands a left of his own. Helenius advancing, but not throwing as the round ends.

Round 6

Joshua splits the guard of Helenius with a quick left. Three quick lefts from Joshua back Helenius up. Heleius with a right. Two more lefts from Joshua. Left from Joshua answered with a right-left combo from Helenius. Helenius with a left.

Joshua just misses with a left hook but manages to land on the body with a quick right. Heleniuys with a quick combo. Joshua back to the body and now has Helenius in the corner. Joshua with a hard right. Helenius gets out but ties up. Helenius with a left. Joshua answers with a quick left of his own.

Round 7

Joshua splits the guard with a left jab. Helenius pops two lefts of his own. Helenius hasn’t thrown much with his right. Helenius on the ropes and is really moving slow. Joshua popping the jab consistently. Helenius with a good counter left. Joshua moves in with two quick lefts then lands a huge right that fells Helenius like a tree. Planted him. Wow!

Official result: Anthony Joshua def. Robert Helenius via KO at 1:27 of Round 7

Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius quick results

Start time and date

Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 12, 2023. The main card is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. ET with the main event ringwalks expected to take place at 5 p.m. ET.

Live streams

Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius will air on DAZN. Initially, when Jermaine Franklin was still Joshua’s opponent, this event was offered as a PPV product on DAZN. However, the event is now scheduled to air on regular DAZN, requiring only a DAZN subscription to view.

The fight costs $59.99 on both DAZN PPV and ESPN+ PPV. To make that purchase you would need to have a subscription to one of those services. DAZN costs $19.99 a month on a 12-month contract or $24.99 month-to-month.

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