Who is Bryce Hall? Controversial TikTok star competing at BKFC 48

Bryce Hall is one of the most famous kids on the planet. And now he's decided to box, both with and without gloves. But who the fook is he?

By: Tim Bissell | 1 month ago

Influencers horning in on combat sports are a dime a dozen. Bryce Hall is different, though. The 23-year-old TikTok star is debuting in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship this Friday. And he’s not taking on another social media star. He’s taking on a fighter with actual BKFC experience. So that’s cool. However, if you have no idea who this kid is, we’ve got you covered.

Bryce Hall. IMAGO/Future Image
Bryce Hall. IMAGO/Future Image

Early life

Bryce Hall was born in 1999 in Ellicott City, Maryland. He was raised by his single mother and when he turned 15 he began creating content on social media. Hall has said he started live streaming on the YouNow platform to make friends, after suffering from bullying.

His social media career started gaining traction with Vine and Musical.y, where he began to amass tens of thousands of followers. His content mostly consisted of lip syncing and dancing.

Breakout success

In 2018 Hall moved to Los Angeles and in 2019 he was featured in the documentary Jawline, which profiled a number of burgeoning social media celebrities. That documentary also covered Hall’s legal issues with talent manager Michael Weist, who sued Hall for defamation. Hall would later publicly rescind comments he had made about Weist.

With his profile on the rise Hall moved into Sway House with five other influencers. Sway House was a mansion in Bel Air that was owned by TalentX Entertainment. Hall and the others were given free room and board with the expectation that they would create content and share profits with TalentX. This arrangement was dissolved in 2021.

While at Sway House, Hall’s presence on TikTok exploded. He now has over 24 million subscribers on that platform. His YouTube channel has 3 million subscribers.

His content now is mostly biographical, detailing the ups and downs of being an influencer.


In addition to his legal issues with Weist, Bryce Hall has been involved in a handful of other legal problems. In 2020 he was charged with a misdemeanour for violating LA County’s COVID-19 protocols, due to him hosting a house party for his 21st birthday.

In May 2020, Hall was arrested in Lee County, TX and charged with a misdemeanour for possession of marijuana.

In October 2020, TMZ obtained footage of Hall fighting with a restaurant worker in Los Angeles. Hall was later sued for “battery; assault; intentional infliction of emotional distress; and engaging in acts of violence motivated by race, national origin, citizenship, immigration status and primary language.”

Cross-over boxing

In 2021 Bryce Hall made his boxing debut. At YouTubers vs. TikTokers, a pay-per-view event that happened at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Hall fought in the main event against Austin McBroom.

Hall, who was representing TikTok, lost by third round TKO.

Since then he has had a number of proposed cross-over boxing matches which have failed to materialize.

BKFC 48: Bryce Hall vs. Gee Perez

Bryce Hall remarkably signed for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship this year. His debut is booked for Friday, August 11, 2023 at BKFC 48. There he is scheduled to face Gee Perez. Perez, aka ‘The Cutman’, is 3-0 in BKFC action with all wins coming via TKO.

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