UFC contender doubts Sean Strickland will even be competitive against Adesanya

A top UFC MW contender has shared his opinions about Sean Strickland's possible UFC 293 title shot.

By: Nate Wilcox | 2 months ago

Jared Cannonier is ranked #4 in the UFC middleweight division. He is 4-2 in the division since 2020, but unfortunately, one of his two losses came to champ Israel Adesanya at UFC 276 which will likely keep him out of title contention for a while. Nonetheless, he has a lot of opinions on the division and who should and shouldn’t be fighting for the title.

Sean Strickland vs Israel Adesanya at UFC 293 ‘doesn’t make sense’

Cannonier spoke to The Schmo recently and had a number of comments about the likely UFC 293 challenger, Sean Strickland (transcribed by MMA News).

“It would be good for Sean Strickland. I know he’s wanted it for a little while and I know Izzy has wanted to fight him,” Cannonier said. “It would be good entertainment… But, you know, the way the rankings stack up, the way that my last fights have gone, the way that his last fights have gone, it just doesn’t make sense. I feel that I’m definitely ahead of Sean Strickland in the line.

“There are sentiments that the champ picks who he wants and stuff, especially considering the situation that he’s beaten most of us at the top of the division,” Cannonier continued. “I feel that he scraped away with that victory against me. I didn’t do much of anything to get things done and I nullified a lot of his attempts. He didn’t beat me handily.”

Sean Strickland is expected to challenge Israel Adesanya at UFC 293
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For his part, Strickland was quick to tweet in response.

“Makes me laugh to hear Cannonier opinion on me and Izzy. I like him but man I won that fight, you know I won that fight, the announcers know I won the fight. I won the fight in first gear lol but yes you threw really hard, I don’t know what they felt like but they looked hard,” Strickland wrote.

‘Sean doesn’t even believe he can win that fight’

Cannonier also spoke with Helen Yee and elaborated on his critique of Strickland vs. Adesanya (transcription via MMA Junkie).

“Sean doesn’t even believe he could win that fight. He just wants to go in there and fight and get some money. I believe I can win that fight. I think that’s the big difference between me and those other guys,” Cannonier said.

“Izzy is not an easy fight. The way those styles match up, I don’t think Sean will be able to work his jab and his funky-ass footwork, and his ability to evade shots. Izzy is way too long. He’s a sniper. Izzy is too diverse and versatile with his striking, and I don’t think Sean’s grappling is good enough to make it a factor to make it as competitive.”

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