Misfits Boxing 8: Chase DeMoor clowns his way to humiliating loss against UFC vet

Misfits Boxing 8 saw Chase DeMoor act like a buffoon before losing to a UFC and BKFC vet.

By: Bloody Elbow | 2 months ago

Misfits Boxing 8 Chase DeMoor’s corner told him not to break when the ref calls for a break

Misfits Boxing 8 is live tonight. To no one’s surprise, the Chase DeMoor vs. Alan Belcher bout was hardly one for the ages. DeMoor did his best to obey his corner’s instructions and hug Belcher as tight as possible, as often as possible and as long as possible.

Considering that DeMoor took the bout on 24 hours notice when Hasim Rahman Jr. had to drop out, maybe his performance is explicable if not quite forgivable.

DeMoor did everything humanly possible to avoid contact with Belcher, stiff-arming the UFC vet and backing away. If Belcher managed to bat DeMoor’s lead arm away, Chase clinched, strictly trying to survive and frustrating Belcher something awful in the process.

Chase DeMoor vs Alan Belcher at Misfits Boxing 8.
Chase DeMoor vs Alan Belcher at Misfits Boxing 8.

DeMoor’s corner added to the fiasco when they told him to ignore the referee’s instructions to break from the clinch. Belcher responded by swinging for the fences with every single punch he threw, looking to bring the disaster to an end. Then things got silly.

Belcher finally cornered DeMoor against the ropes, and started wailing away. DeMoor responded by turning his back and going toward his own corner. That got ref Anthony Bryant involved only for DeMoor’s corner to start yelling about illegal punches to the back of the head.

From that point on it was like a no kayfabe pro wrestling match with the ref completely distracted by his argument with DeMoor’s corner. Bryant tried to restart the action, but DeMoor’s corner insisted on watering their fighter mid-round.

Finally the ref managed to restart the action at which point Belcher was straight-up wilding on the hapless DeMoor who turned his back again causing the ref to call a TKO stoppage and declare Belcher the victor.

Misfits Boxing 8 results

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