Dirty? New fastest KO in MMA history mired in controversy

Is it really a one-second KO? Was it a cheap shot? Watch what could just be the fastest KO in MMA history.

By: Anton Tabuena | 2 months ago

There are some questions surrounding what could just be the fastest KO in MMA history.

Luis Hernandez, now 3-0, may have just set a new record by swiftly knocking out his opponent, Brian Topp at Titan FC 83. Watch the entire fight below, which ended instantly with a head kick.

Hernandez lands a swift head kick that likely marked the fastest KO in MMA history.

Is this the fastest KO in MMA history?

Clean or dirty?

As the tweet from UFC Fight Pass above shows, the quick finish is causing some debate. As the fighters met in the middle, it seemed like Hernandez was gesturing for a glove touch. On the other hand, it can also be argued that he just had his hand stretched out for distance, and also didn’t look as blatant as the many fake glove touches we’ve seen before. Either way, Topp was caught off guard and it produced a lightning quick head kick finish.

Wherever you stand on it, it’s a good finish and an official win regardless. As they say, protect yourself at all times.

Is it really a one-second KO?

Another question surrounding what could just be a historic win for Hernandez is the time of the finish. Titan FC 83 officially announced it as a one-second KO, which would not only be the fastest knockout of all time, it also likely won’t be beaten ever.

Although, much like how Jorge Masvidal’s iconic flying knee ended up as a five second finish, it’s worth noting how the timer doesn’t actually stop right after the fighter goes out cold, but when the referee officially steps in. With the time it takes for Hernandez to meet him in the middle, land the kick, and for the referee to call it off, it makes it virtually impossible for this to be a proper one second finish.

Just looking at the video timestamps, from the time the referee calls start to his stoppage, it seems to be at least three to four seconds.

As of this writing, Sherdog has it listed as a one-second KO, while Tapology has it as 3 seconds.

Wherever it officially ends up, and minor controversy aside, it was a spectacular finish that likely ends up among the fastest ever.

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